Martial Arts

Martial Arts Discipline is Core to the Neutronic Method!

All through this site I have recommended Martial Arts Discipline as key to understanding the concepts behind a Martial Religion. Hopefully, many of you have training, and much training. And, hopefully you have utilized Matrixing to speed up your progress.

But, what about the fellow who has been out of it for a while, or, what about a beginner?

This page is to help these fellows out.

On this page (at the bottom) you will be linked to a series of arts: Karate, Shaolin Kung Fu, and Wudan (Pa Kua Chang).

You don’t have to study them in any order.

And, to be sure, this is not ‘Martial Arts lite!’

These mini-courses are usually included on the full scale Monster Martial Arts courses. They are tight, they are effective, and they will jump start you into the training process, and give you massive doses of Martial Arts discipline so that Neutronics can REALLY bite.

If you want more, you can order the full Monster Martial Arts Courses.

Look, let me say something about the truth of Discipline here.

Discipline is not somebody beating you to make you do something. Discipline is your own desire released and let to function. If you have to ‘force’ yourself to study the martial arts, then perhaps you are in the wrong field.

In the Martial Arts one loves the doing of the art, loves to discipline oneself to work out as much as possible, puts aside other trivial parts of life (sleep, food, etc.) so that one can really imbue oneself with discipline.

And, not to frighten you, one can start with gentle discipline, doing bite-sized pieces, so that one can grow more and more discipline.

That’s what these courses are. Extremely effective and educational bites of martial arts. They work, on the street and in the mind. And they will encourage you and move you gently forward, so that you can build up your ability and desire to discipline yourself.

Really, you must discipline yourself. no one else can discipline you, they can only force you to do something you don’t really want to do.

These courseas are the martial arts that you really want to do…and they will wake up the discipline that you crave.

Here are the courses:

Perfect Karate

Shaolin Butterfly

Butterfly Pa Kua Chang

This has been a page about martial arts.

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