3 Butterfly Pa Kua Chang

Butterfly Pa Kua Chang is New Form of Wudan Internal Kung Fu!

The martial arts start out with die hard block and counter movements. They are designed for the battlefield, and they are EXCELLENT for beginning students.

As a student progresses, however, he enters a new realm. The martial arts open up an appreciation for his soul, they enlighten him to who he really is. These particular martial arts are called Wudan Kung Fu styles.

bagua zhang

These arts are for when a person no longer has to worry about his ability to defend himself, but is more concerned with enhancing health and giving long life.

There are records of one man living to 250 years old! Could it be possible? Heck, anything is possible, but could Kung Fu do it?

And what about these beings known as ‘immortals,’ like The Monkey King? Could it be possible that the Wudan arts awaken the spiritual being so that he is freed from the endless cycle of living and dying, and can retain his memory of who he really is life after life after life?

My experience it the arts indicates that this is so, but I don’t insist that anybody believe me, I just recommend doing an internal Wudan style Kung Fu and finding out for yourself.

Now, what is in this particular style of Internal Kung Fu?

There are eight series of movements, very simple. This explores the potential of using the circle for self defense purposes. And, it  starts the juices flowing.

You want good health? Do these exercises and the Chi power will start flwoing through your internal organs, giving health, wiping out disease, and making life a very special and unique experience.

Guaranteed, doing these martial arts exercises will give you the health and vitality and long life of a sage.

Oh, and BTW, these exercises are ABSOLUTE dynamite when you use them for self defense.

So, hit the paypal button, go to the download page, and within two minutes you could be walking the path of a sage. Health and long life will be indisputably yours.

Again, take advantage of this $5 deal. This is priceless knowledge, a lifetime of martial arts, and it can be yours, but you have to get off the pot!

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This has been a page about Butterfly Pa Kua Chang, a form of internal wudan kung fu.

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