1 Perfect Karate

There is a Perfect Karate!

There are so many variations of Karate, wouldn’t it be nice if there was one true karate that was perfect?

There is.

This is a fully matrixed Karate. It has been gone over to make sure the movements are all correct and in the correct and logic order.

perfect karate

Further, it has been corrected by the rules of physics and Neutronics so that it works fast to propel the student quickly along the Martial Way.

Most important, when the movements are correct and logical, the mind accepts the data VERY quickly.

Think about it, if an art is out of order, muddled by the influences of other arts, physically incorrect, the mind rejects it, doesn’t want it, refuses to absorb it, and Karate takes a lo-o-ong time to learn.

Here is the solution: a completely logical form of karate which is so correct that the mind snaps it up, loves it, makes it work NOW!

Now, that all said, what do you get in this Perfect Karate Course?

There are the three forms that form the basis of ALL Karate.

There are the two man variations of these forms. These are extremely useful forms which help Karate become intuitive quickly and easily.

No struggling with remembering the moves; you just ‘drink’ these forms and let them work.

And, most important, there is a type of freestyle which enables to learn how to fight INCREDIBLY quickly.

There are nearly 100 illustrations to help you understand every single move, and to make them work in real life.

There is a complete section on kicking, including kicking drills.

Guaranteed, this Perfect Karate Course is the best, the quickest, the most pure form of Perfect Karate in the world.

Now, the good news. Introductory offer to help you get started…$5.

That’s right, only $5, and you can be studying this Perfect Karate in minutes. simply do the Paypal thing, get sent to a download page, and you are there!

Here’s the PayPal button.


If the paypal button doesn’t work, or the download doesn’t work, or anything esle goes wrong, email me at aganzul@gmail.com.

This has been a page about Perfect Karate.


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