2 Shaolin Butterfly Kung Fu

Shaolin Butterfly A Faster Kung Fu Path!

Shaolin Kung Fu is thousands of years old. It is considered the grandaddy of all Martial Arts. There are literally hundreds of Kung Fu styles, and thousands of kung fu schools. This does make for a somewhat messy path.

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The Shaolin Butterfly condenses everything. It doesn’t throw stuff out, it just gets more efficient, makes everything more functional. Seriously, if you want the quickest route to realKung Fu…this is the stuff for you.

As with all my courses, this one is from the ground up, but it quickly moves into advanced movements. Aside from learning movements of the animals, the mantis and the crane and the tiger and all the others, it also leads directly into the next course, Butterfly Pa Kua Chang.

While one can do Pa Kua Chang without the Shaolin lead in, it is nice to have that lead in.

So, what do you get with this course?

First, you get the Butterfly forms. These are a half dozen forms, each one revealing a Kung fu animal.

Further, most of these forms can be used as two man sets. This can be pretty wild, as one learns how to move in any direction, and to use any animal concept, to fight in the most efficient manner possible.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to tap into this ancient power, use these ancient techniques to subdue ANY attacker? Wouldn’t it be nice to get the real knowledge of Kung Fu and live your life like a real warrior?

Well, inside of two minutes, you could be started. Just hit the paypal button, and you will shortly be directed to a download page.

Just think, two minutes, and you are doing real Kung Fu. And remember, the price of this course is ONLY $5!

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If there is ANY problem with paypal or the download, let me know at aganzul@gmail.com.

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