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Hi Guys, this page will only be up for a while, it is for martial artists who signed up for proofs of the book…

Professional Martial Arts Instructor

A couple of things before we get to the button.

This book has much material from earlier books and courses I have written. It also has a lot of new material.

Here’s the table of contents:

preface  5

  • introduction  7
  • 1How to Be a Teacher  9
  • 2Basics-Basics 35
  • 3Warm Ups 47
  • 4Stances 57
  • 5Punches 73
  • 6Kicks 83
  • 7Blocking101
  • 8Forms115
  • 9Perfect Form151
  • 10How to Freestyle165
  • 11Chi Power191
  • 12Start Your School203
  • About the Author223

The original intent of this book was to make a Personal Martial Arts Trainer. This because there is much money to be made in gyms, and because gym owners don’t usually hire martial artists, and this book is aimed at certifying people so that gym owners will trust them.

I go over everything in this book, giving all the tricks I use, looking at things with much more depth than usual. The idea is to give all the reasons on how to teach anything.

I spend a lot of time going over the basics, telling exactly how to teach them so the student gets them, and doesn’t have any questions.

The book coversteaching private lessons and small classes.

I will be writing another book later on so that one can teach larger classes.

I changed the title to Professional Martial Arts Instructor. I will probably try other titles, including Personal Martial Arts Trainer.

I was only able to order five proofs, but I had fifteen orders. I’ve ordered those proofs, and will orde the remaining ten books (non proof) tomorrow.

The first five people to order will get proofs, the remainder will get the books without the word ‘proof’ written on the last page.

I will sign any book, just write me an email saying, ‘Al, please sign my book to Joe Blow.’ Give me the correct spelling of your name.

It will take a week for the books to get to me, I will package and mail them out within one day after that, and a couple of days after that it should be in your mailbox.

So about ten days, and if it hasn’t arrived then email me at Cross your fingers, because I don’t want anybody to win this lottery.

Finally, thank you. The only reason Monster is alive after all these years is because people have given me their trust. I thank you for that, and will always do my best to honor that trust.

Okay, any other questions, email me at:

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