Neutronic Prison

Setting Planet Earth Free!

This book deals with one of the largest problems facing mankind: how do you rehabilitate criminals.

Over two million people were in prison in 2011. The is a drain on this country that is intolerable.

rehabilitate criminals
Criminal law doesn’t work. Neutronics is a better way.

Consider the ineffectiveness of the prison system: some put the failure to rehabilitate rate at as much as 85%!

The truth of the matter is that the prison system is failing, that everything we are doing is wrong, and that there simply must be a better way.

‘Neutronic Prison’ is about a ¬†better way.

The reasons for criminality are discussed, and these reasons are simple, and simple to handle.

You are taken through a literal reversal of method that will totally change the current fiasco.

You are given a mock up of a case history so you can see exactly how it works.

The book will change the way you view criminality, and even change the way you deal with people.

If you are interested rehabilitating planet earth, if you are just curious to see how neutronics can handle the ENTIRE criminal rehabilitation process, the Neutronic Prison is for you.

The price is only $10.

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