The Four Paths of Truth Made into One

Using Neutronics to Combine the Four Paths

I enjoy astrology (study of the stars), and it is a classic case of data on the edge of truth…and truth obscured by random data.

Astrology is basically a variety of belief systems designed to explain the way the universe works. This includes such things astronomy, alchemy, metereology, medicine, and so many more subjects.

Now I can understand studying the stars to understand astronomy, maybe even meteorology, but alchemy I start to blink, and…medicine? So I should give my child a shot based upon what time of the year, under which zodiacal sign he was born?

The science, you see, breaks down, and there is the problem, at least from one viewpoint.

Joe Blow is born May 25, and he is a Gemini. So you study the cosmos, trace the path of stars and planets, and you discover that Joe Blow has a talent for numbers, and will grow up to be an executive, but he will give it all up for a dark-haired lady with a mysterious past. They will have troubles, but in the end, they will have four children, one of whom will be a president of note.

Okay, let’s ignore, for the time being, that this is the sort of stuff people like to hear. It intrigues them, makes them want to buy more, and can be interpreted throughout one’s life in many different ways.

Is it the truth?

Well, let me offer another truth.

The gemini born in the Sahara is going to be different from the Gemini born in Alaska. One will deal with scorching heat, and one will deal with freezing cold. This is going to have more effect on their lives than which stars were in which part of the sky when they were born.

So I am saying that while there is truth in astrology, the truth is liquid, and can be interpreted in so many ways.

So I enjoy reading astrology, and I even get benefits from it, but I realize that it has become a false science that is manipulated by people who wish to manipulate others, and it has extremely limited value as a predictive or educational system of science.

The actual science of the universe has to do with measuring the universe. How far to the moon, what temperature does water boil at, what is the difference between a mule and a donkey. These are measurable. These are science.

The relative strength of astrology is the fact that there is a whole universe beyond science, a second universe which is so powerful that it has sway over the normal science of measurement that we all know. If, of course, we are disciplined enough to see it. Note that I said disciplined and not educated. Education, in this society, is based on science, and therefore has limited value in helping one understand the second and more real universe.

But how do we tap into the second universe, the real universe, without getting lost in the random calculations of such a science as astrology?

This is where Matrixing and Neutronics comes in. Matrixing and Neutronics helps one understand the truth of this universe, which opens the door to the second universe…the Neutronic Universe.

Prologue is a book I wrote which describes the basic elements of matrixing and neutronics.

Want to know how to evaluate the universe so that you can perceive it accurately? With no mystery? Learn what a matrix is. You will find basic data on the matrix and how to use it in Prologue. You will also find how matrixing becomes Neutronics, and how it is used in such things as speech and emotion.

Learning to understand the truth of speech and emotion are going to give you a leg up on life itself. But what is really going to make the cake is the fact that in this book you will come face to face with the actual manner in which man thinks.

You will find out the truth about thinking and the decisions you make. This will enable you to make better decisions, fix old decisions that weren’t working so well. And I tell you, nobody has ever written this data down in the history of the universe.

Heck, if they had, this universe would be a far different place, a logical and more understanding place.

Might not even be wars.

Neutronics is that powerful.

Want to take another step towards the True You?

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