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Yogata ~ The Yoga Kata

When done correctly, possibly the finest discipline in the world is Yoga.

When doing Yoga one assumes a posture and grows his awareness.

Awareness, of course, is the key.

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In this strange society we live in people have become convinced that one can only become stupider. So why can’t we become smarter? Heck, anytime you learn something you become smarter! Of course, the point here is what is ‘smarter.’

Smarter, in the Neutronic sense, is to gain more awareness. As one awakes, as one opens his eyes and sees the world the way it truly is, as one begins to understand the depths and ramifications of the Neutronic Universe, one becomes more aware.

In doing Yoga one is left with oneself, and the only option is to grow more aware. After all, you are not doing anything, so you just grow in your awareness.

The problem, however, is that if one is not doing anything, one learns about existence, but not how to manipulate the universe.

A short aside here: the universe is nothing but objects that are flying around and colliding. Being more aware of this doesn’t enable one to guide or manipulate those collisions to one’s benefit. Only the Martial Arts, and especially bolstered by Matrixing and Neutronics, enables one to do this.

In fact, no other practice on earth actually addresses the handling of force and flow the way the martial arts does, so the correct sequencing of all this is learn martial arts, align them with matrixing, move into neutronics, and control the universe.

But, to get back to Yoga, what I have said here is not designed to lessen the effect of Yoga, or to impugn that fine practice in any way. The benefits are great, and the purpose here is merely to enable one to understand where yoga fits into the overall Neutronic Viewpoint so that people will know when and how and why to study it.

Yogata means ‘Yoga Kata.’ It is designed as a complete work out for the whole body. One can always pinpoint areas of the body to work on, but it is far more important to ‘blast’ the body with a complete conditioning program. This will strengthen the body, eliminate illnesses and predispositions to illnesses, rehabilitate injuries, and make a persona generally fit.

Yogata is designed to be done on its own to rehabilitate injuries, before class or after class to warm up or cool down, it stretches the body and relaxes it, and just generally gets the blood flowing and the person more aware of his body. This goes a long way towards helping a person avoid injuries during class.

Thus, while many people are in good shape and don’t need Yoga, it will still help them. And, it will help them in the event of injuries. And, when their martial career is winding down, it becomes extremely useful for making the transition to a more relaxed and sedentary lifestyle.

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