4 Moving the Universe with Neutronic Visualization

Neutronics Making Visualization Work!

Once the door has opened for the study of Neutronic martial arts, things can be a little crazy. You have freedom, you see, but the rest of the world is like monkeys in a cage. You do something sane and straightforward, and all the monkeys call you insane. Pretty weird. But, just ignore the monkeys and continue with your study of the martial arts.

The significant thing here is that you have realized that you are an I Am, a spiritual being, the actual force that moves the universe. Now, the question here is how do you move the universe?

completed visualization image
Feel my imaginary fist!

The body, you see doesn’t move the universe, and as an I Am you are aware that you are not your body, that you are not limited by your body, or by body perceptions.

Instead, you are an I Am, an Awareness, and how does an awareness, something that is not perceivable nor even measurable by the universe, move that universe?

You move it with imagination.

Fortunately, that imagination, now that the martial arts have moved you into more neutronic realms, has been set free and can really start to work.

Now, just a warning, this subject, of moving the universe with just the imagination, is a va-a-ast subject. Indeed, the fact of being an ego in a meat body is so far below it, that even once one has achieved an understanding of their true worth and capability, they don’t know how, and the first steps are like a baby trying to jump up on the roof of a  two story house from the ground. Or, unfortunately for the unwary, like a baby trying to jump to the ground from the roof of a two story house.

Now, let me give you three distinct exercises.

One, if you have been doing the martial arts but haven’t been in the true art, haven’t realized yourself as an I Am, then do your forms slowly while repeating this one phrase: ‘I Am.’

Two, if you have realized you are an I Am and haven’t really gone anywhere, then do your martial arts, especially the techniques, while trying to use less and less force…less and less effort.

Three, if you don’t do the martial arts…do them. And Matrix them. Guaranteed, your evolution as a being on a journey through this universe will be enhanced a thousand times.

The point here is that life is more than living in a box and driving the latest skateboard…it is a series of adventures. Sometimes hungry, sometimes hated, but always winning. And that is the message of Neutronics applied to karate or Kung Fu or Aikido or Tai Chi Chuan or Taekwondo or Kenpo or…or any martial art.

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