5 Where Neutronic Martial Arts Lead To

The Path of Neutronic Visualization

Okay, so where does it go…where does this journey in advanced martial arts actually go?

First thing to know is that with matrixing you are learning at a faster rate, and therefore you are going further in the martial arts. When you see what each art does, as listed below, then you’ll understand that I had to do this, I had to figure out a faster way to teach martial arts.

Martial Arts Vision
i am the hand that holds theuniverse

With Neutronics you are addressing yourself as an I Am, with a whole new set of abilities. Abilities that don’t really depend on flesh.

Flesh and Discipline are necessary to focus yourself as an awareness and therefore to evolve as a spiritual being in the beginning, but you give up your reliance on flesh and become more aware of yourself as awareness in the end.

I became aware of myself as a point of Awareness shedding ‘light’ in all directions through Karate. And I became able to make my body catch up to thought through the various karate drills and exercises.

With Wing Chun I became aware of my ability to handle planes of energy, to make entries and exits to and from opponents in a conical manner.

With Tai Chi Chuan I became aware of negative energy, how to empty my space so that my thoughts became wider and larger and ever more greater.

With Pa Kua Chang I became aware of how to create a sphere around myself.

With Matrixing I brought these abilities together, became able to project my energies outside my body in a variety of geometries.

You know what I do at night? I lay in bed and imagine the whole United States, and I open myself to people. I wonder what his or her face is, and the face suddenly appears and fills in, gains features. And I wake up the next morning and I have an order for a course or a booklet or something.

And I know that the customer is right, with the whole durned United States to connect with I have been afforded the right person, and I know that my abilities have managed to summon that person who is going to be best benefited by what I have to offer.

And, when I get injured? I simply imagine myself inside the body, roaming around, looking at things, shining my little ‘fixit’ light on my body and body parts.

And I visualize everything I need while at rest, and during the day, my visualizations take shape.

This is how I do it, least, those are a couple of my methods, and if you matrix your martial arts, especially if you study the full marix of martial arts as I have presented them at MonsterMartialArts.com, and study Neutronics, you are going to have the same abilities. And, oddly, though some people take some time to learn matrixing and neutronics, and to become aware of their abilities…it usually happens pretty fast.

But if you’re used to handling the fist or the foot, the club or the knife, in the speedy way that martial arts has to offer, and if you matrix your study of karate or kung fu, or aikido or silat, or whatever, and finally discover your neutronic nature, then things should be fast.

As fast as thought.

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  1. I’m a certified hypnotherapist, have done acupuncture/reflexology and mental visualizations for year– and NOW have THE “missing link” that puts it all together.. This is WHAT I’ve been looking for. THANK you for creating this– and sharing it. I guess I’ll become known now for “monkeying” around!! 🙂

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