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At the heart of the church of Martial Arts is Neutronics. Do the forms, matrix them, and you will end up with Neutronics.  Let me define, and tell you something, of Neutronics.


Neutronics is the Study of Motion.

Neutronics is the why behind the why, the science behind the science (of Matrixing.)

Neutronics begins the study of physics beyond physics.

Think about it this way…The first rule of physics is: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

This is the physics of the universe, as described by such luminaries as Newton.

The physics of you, however, takes precedence over Newtonian physics.

Newtonian physics is physics of the second order, an explanation of a universe without you.

This Second Order Physics doesn’t take into account First Order Physics, which is the physics of you.

Through Neutronics, however, one may pass by the second order of physics and come to an understanding of the potential of oneself, and begin to do things.


I understand that this definition may not give you enough reality. This is why people should study the martial arts; the discipline of the martial arts enables the mind to accept the truths of this page. If you do not have a discipline to help you along, consider the following series of short essays. The first one is entitled The Truth About This Universe.


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