The Way

Man is asleep…dreaming that he is awake

So how does he awake? How does he wake up to his True Nature? His innate spirituality? His True Goodness? How does he become aware of that Awareness of All that is the Truth of Him?

The Way
Are you ready to receive?

By combining the salient points of each of the four disciplines.

  1. By assuming the expanding Awareness of Yoga.
  2. By learning to assimilate and handle the force and flow of the universe through the Martial Arts.
  3. By studying the appropriate Neutronic scriptures.
  4. By negating his worldly desires, and embracing the Truth of Himself.

This is the True Fourfold Path made One. This is the fastest, surest way to wake to one’s True Self. This is The Way.

On the following pages I have arranged The Way in the most efficient and logical manner. Each step includes the appropriate studies of each of the four methods, and blends them into an efficiency unparalleled.

Follow these steps and you will awake.

Step off the path, and remain asleep.

Becoming aware that you are asleep, step back on the path. As long as you stay on The Way your success guaranteed.

Alter The Way as I have arranged it, and you not only step off The Way, you risk others stepping off The Way.

The Way is arranged in four stages.

The Postulant wonders whether there is truth in the words presented here. Could he be asleep? Could he tap into an increased Awareness? Could there be an Awareness of All? The Postulant is willing to take a chance, he is willing to look. He has but himself to find, and if the words presented here be true, then he has been lost.

The Novitiate has become aware that he is asleep, that there is more to the world than the daily grind, that there are mysteries to be solved and gathered unto him. There is a true self that projects the world and makes it what it is. Those branches of Awareness known as Sixth Senses are his true perceptions, and they are beyond the perceptive devices of his body. He can awake and use them.

The Monk has awoken sufficient to be convinced that he must dedicate himself to awakening his Awareness. He has experienced the touch of his true abilities; he has glimpsed himself; he is ready to awaken all the way, and knows that dedication is the key, and himself is the goal. There is no stopping him.

The Abbot is awake, and knows that he must awake others. Fanatically, he delves into Neutronics and learns how to apply it to life. Gently, he sways people to their Greater Awareness. Always, he trains, and the world is a better place.

These are the four levels of the Religious zealot who follows The Way of Church of the Martial Arts. Click here to examine the curriculum necessary to The Postulant.

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