3 The Monk

The Monk is Awake!

No longer fully asleep, The Monk dedicates himself to awakening fully to his True Self, to his True Potential. He will strive for and attain Greater Awareness.

martial arts fanatic
The Monk has lost any doubt and fully committed himself to the task of becoming Aware. He restructures his life to accommodate his seeking, and he enters into ever greater discipline. The world, helpless before his intention, restructures itself to his wishes.

His growing discipline embraces the following material.

  1. Matrixing: The Master Text
  2. The Shaolin Butterfly
  3. Butterfly Pa Kua Chang
  4. Five Army Tai Chi Chuan
  5. Neutronics

Matrixing: The Master Text gives The Novice unshakable faith in the perfection of the Matrixing Method. He will understand the different matrixes and how they were develop and how they fit together. He will understand how the martial arts of the world are really just one Art, and he will know how to put them together.

Shaolin Butterfly will introduce The Monk to new subtleties of motion. Chi will become more manifest, and his art will take on a depth and breadth of unusual magnitude. The massive power that his karate has become now gains rich shades and gentle nuances

Butterfly Pa Kua Chang blends the mobile with the immobile, it marries the yin and the yang, guiding The Monk into the balance between hard and soft, extrinsic and intrinsic, external and internal. He becomes able to create universes of his own, and to use these universes to manipulate the one universe in which we all have body.

Five Army Tai Chi Chuan will bring The Monk to ever greater understanding, and ever greater compassion. There is no contention left in his soul. There is fight left in his art, and he embraces the ultimate truths of the Martial Arts. He will understand and be even more enhanced in his ability to handle the whims of the universe. Nothing will be able to stand in his way. He will awaken. Perhaps by lightening bolt, perhaps just by the calm confidence of his life, but…he will awaken. That is his decision.

Neutronics will give The Monk all the data he needs to understand a universe that is liquid, that is shifting and moving in response to his slightest whim.

Normally these five books/courses would cost $140. In package they are but $99.95.


Books are not downloaded in packages, but on disks. If you would like download versions, after you place your order email me at aganzul@gmail.com.

Click here to examine The Neutronic Way.

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