4 The Abbot

A New Teacher for a New Civilization

The Abbot is awake, and he has many choices.

Does he wish to involve himself in the history of the Martial Arts? Does he wish to become a teacher? In the development of new forms and methods? Does he wish to become a ‘Fighting Abbot?’ An awakened spiritual being has no limits and may go in any direction he wishes to. Just as the Church of Martial Arts provided structure without forcing any student to adhere to that structure, so does the Church of Martial Arts encourage the newly awakened spiritual being to choose manifest his Greater Awareness in an manner he sees fit.

martial arts zealot
As there are many choices, The Abbot is encouraged to select the materials he wishes to study. This material should include martial arts courses and Neutronic material appropriate to that course.

A Fighting Abbot might wish to pursue a curriculum such as:

  1. Matrix Combat
  2. Blinding Steel
  3. The Punch

An Abbot Teacher might select a curriculum like:

  1. Evolution of an Art
  2. Create Your Own Art
  3. Neutronic Healing

An Abbot may wish to specialize in forms:

  1. Evolution of an Art
  2. Outlaw Karate
  3. Temple Karate
  4. Outside the Tube

Or in a particular art, such as Pa Kua Chang or Tai Chi Chuan or weapons, or a specific weapon. Indeed, the choices are many, and The Abbot is unbound in his directions.

Some of these choices will include going outside the Church of the Martial Arts and writing original thesis concerning other arts, thereby bring them into the Church.

There may not be an appropriate work on Neutronics, in which case the Abbot should avail himself of whatever materials are available, thus enhancing his overall knowledge of Neutronics.

But, regardless of his choices, wherever The Abbot goes, whatever enterprise he undertakes, he stands for the Church of Martial Arts, and The Church will stand for him.

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