2 The Novitiate

The First Real Step…The Novice

The Postulant has realized that he is greater than he thought he was; there is a truth to himself that DEMANDS seeking. To fulfill this DEMAND he becomes a novice. To realize himself he begins his official journey along The Way.

The individual rapidly moves forward, experiencing increased confidence and competence in his life. People will begin to change in their attitude towards him. No longer is he just another man, now the fire is igniting in his eyes and soul. The further he goes, the more he glows.

The Novice should avail himself of the following steps.

  1. The Master Instructor Course
  2. Matrix Kung fu
  3. Matrix Aikido
  4. Prologue

The Master Instructor Course gives The Novice the data to make his form perfect, to make his techniques perfect. This attainment of perfection will change the way he thinks, and the way he interacts with the world. He will start to understand the truth that:

To the degree that he is perfect inside, to that degree will the world be perfect.

His Martial Arts will become solid, unshakable, and the debris that the universe throws at him will be easily handled and manipualted so that he can even better devote himself to The Way.

Matrix Kung Fu will enable The Novice to translate his Karate into Grab Arts. He will understand how to make this translation from ANY technique. This is an incredible chunk of knowledge that will transform The Novice and expand his Martial Arts, and his understand of how the forces and flows of the universe work.

Matrix Aikido will teach The Novice how to think on a conceptual level. He will learn how to let himself align with any motion in his universe, and in the greater universe. He will stop contending, and begin harmonizing on a spiritual level.

Prologue will give The Novice the information he needs to make the transition from a secular world (non religious world) to a spiritual existence. He will see the world as it is, he will will experience the truth of himself, and he will understand what he is seeing and experiencing, and so become even more enabled to travel The Way to Greater Awareness.

Normally these four courses/books would cost $100. In package they are but $74.95. Books are not downloaded in packages, but on disks.

If you would like download versions, after youplace your order email me at aganzul@gmail.com.

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