1 The Postulant

Does The Way Truly Exist?

This is the only question a postulant should ask himself. No matter what circumstance or situation arises, the postulant has but one goal: to discover the truth of The Way.

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Could The Postulant be asleep? Dreaming that he is awake? Could there actually be a path that will lead one to greater Awareness? Is there a truth to himself beyond test tubes and dog saliva? These are all the manifestations of this single question. And the postulant should realize that all questions in his life are but manifestations of his search for The Way to Greater Awareness.

To answer this question, to discover whether The Way is open to him, the Postulant should take the following steps.

  1. Yogata (The Yoga Kata)
  2. Matrix Karate
  3. The Neutronic Viewpoint

Yogata is a wholistic look at Yoga. It is an introduction to an art on a broad basis, and the first step in expanding ones Awareness. Assuming the postures, doing the form, The Postulant experiences himself as more than skin deep, and begins to to understand that there is more to life than his senses. He experiences the first flushes of a truly healthy body, and he begins detoxing, through natural and gentle movement, the poisons which have accumulated within him from day one of his physical existence on this planet.

Throughout his martial arts life Yogata will be used to strength, to rehabilitate, to warm up or cool down, to make flexible or otherwise explore and enhance the real properties of the Martial Artists body.

Matrix Karate begins the discipline of handling the force and flow of this universe. This is the end of The Postulant as a victim to the whims of the universe, and the first steps of him controlling the universe.

The Neutronic Viewpoint is the story of how The Founder of the Church of Martial Arts discovered Neutronics. It is a story of enlightenment that will, once a decision to pursue The Way has been made, parallel the Postulant’s own journey.

Normally, these three books/courses would cost $70. In package they are but $49.95.



Books are not downloaded in packages, but on disks. If you would like download versions, after youplace your order email me at aganzul@gmail.com.

Click here to examine The Path of The Novitiate.

If you do not feel the call in your soul, if you are not moved to The Way, do not be alarmed nor discouraged. The Way is open when it is open, and if your time is not yet, merely continue with your devices, and be assured that your time will come. Feel free to visit Monster Martial Arts (dot) com and inspect martial arts without the religious influence.

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