24 Neutronic Principles

24 Steps to Enlightenment Through the Martial Arts

Enlightenment…when the soul starts to glow.

The Martial Arts are the quickest and most efficient way to make this happen.

This book, ’24 Neutronic Principles,’ is the step by step guide.

It is simple for one simple reason, there have not been a plethora of books telling one how to become enlightened through the martial arts. In fact, I don’t think, in spite of the efficiency of the martial arts, that there have been any.

Thus, while I have had to untangle the method of the martial arts through matrixing, the pleasant surprise of neutronics is that there is no untangling to be done.

Simply do your martial arts, focus on one of the principles in your life. Then do more martial arts, and focus on another of the principles in your life. And so on through 24 principles.

If you are not enlightened, do them again. And again and again.

Let me tell you something about this enlightenment thing.

Sometimes there is the bolt from the blue, the fellow sees the universe as it is.

Sometimes the student just becomes competent, and here is something interesting…they become enlightened and don’t know it. They glow, as a spiritual being, but because the martial arts act so subtle and matter of fact, they don’t really understand that they have done anything special.

‘You mean everybody doesn’t glow?’ Would be their response, if their exalted state of being was pointed out to them.

And it is an exalted state. People who are enlightened understand themselves not just as flesh, but as spirit, and it changes their lives.

They become compassionate, more understanding, stronger, they get more out of life, they succeed, they live larger, they don’t hurt for money or friends, what they set their minds to they get…and on and on and on.

In this book, ’24 Neutronic Principles,’ there are four parts.

First, there are the 24 principles. Some of these you may have heard me speak of in some form. If you have read earlier neutronics you may recognize them. But this is the most comprehensive listing-and explanation-of them, you have ever read.

These ARE the secrets to you, life, the universe, and everything else.

This IS the quick and sure and complete method (when done in conjunction with the martial arts, especially matrixed martial arts) to enlightenment.

Second, there is a section having to do with the structure of the Church of Martial Arts. This is a rather fascinating look at such things as when does a seeker become a novice, what is necessary to become a monk, what is expected of an abbot, who is in charge, how the church is actually structured.

Third, I have included a piece on ‘The Two Halves of the Human Mind.’ This will acquaint people with Neutronics, and how neutronics can be used to change the very way you think. Guaranteed, when you understand the two halves of the human mind…you probably won’t be human any more.

Fourth, there is a section on Matrixing. This section lists the eight basic courses, and gives some explanations regarding them. Some people will have come across some of these thoughts before, but there enough people out there that will find the information new and quite fascinating.

So, that’s four sections, 113 pages, over 16,000 words, never before seen material, a step by step guide to how to become enlightened through the martial arts.

Again, you should do this in conjunction with studying martial arts, and especially matrixed martial arts.

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