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You Can get a Black Belt in Yoga!

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Take that first step! Return to the ultimate health of you!

Okay, if you are in good health, if you want to learn about the best method for teaching Yoga ever figured out, this page is for you. However, if you have a body problem, such as

  • shortness of breath
  • menopause problems
  • diabetes
  • heart problems
  • sciatica
  • hormonal imbalance
  • overweight
  • fatigue
  • joint problems (ankle, knee, hip, spine, shoulder, neck)
  • or any other body problem, medical or otherwise

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Yoga works, and it works fast and hard, and if you have ANY medical problems you need a few special instructions before you begin your study of Yoga.

If you do not have any special body problems, read on…


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Learn how to take BIG steps!

When you step into a yoga class, chances are the teacher will start working on body parts. They will tweak away on some particular pose, showing you all the things they have learned over 20 years, and they will ignore the whole body!

If you last a couple of months, it might start coming together, it might not…but that is one of the simple reasons people drop out of Yoga classes.

You simply aren’t going to persist in any study if you don’t understand what it is all about!

But there are so many people coming in the doors, the teacher doesn’t mind losing a few students, even justifies it with something like…they just weren’t evolved spiritually enough to handle yoga.

Which is what a person who doesn’t know how to teach would say to justify their inadequacies.

What a person really needs, when they first walk into a Yoga class, is to know that the curriculum is presented in an orderly fashion, that they are not going to be lost in body parts until Yoga ‘mystically and magically’ comes together.

Now, in the martial arts, in karate or kung fu or other martial arts, there is a specific organization of technique. And it is not just start out simple then get complex, it is a precise organization of principles and concepts.

So why can’t Yoga be that smart and organized?

revolving posture
Learn new ways of doing things!

Well, actually, there is a simple reason Yoga can’t be that smart and organized.

First, it is too new too the western world. The concepts are new and often drastically different.

Second, the concepts, when they are presented, are twisted and mangled wrecks. They have been twisted by inadequate linguistic translations, or mangled by passing through various cultures.

Now, here’s the good news. The martial arts were the same way when they first hit this country. They were twisted and mangled, people walked into dojos (training halls) only to quit, and you never knew if the self defense was going to be a joke or the real thing.

I lived through that period, studied everything there was, became a writer (with my own column) for the martial arts mags, and I know EXACTLY what went wrong with the martial arts, and how to fix them.

Matrixing Yoga

This course should actually be called Matrix Yoga.

Matrixing is the analysis and handling of force and direction. It is actually developed from a certain graph used in Boolena Algebra. Boolean Algebra is used to present three dimensions on a two dimensional computer screen, or to send rockets into outer space.

Your body moves about, and thus it is prone to the same rules you’ll find demonstrated on this graph.

And, more importantly, your body moves on the inside, and that can be understood through the Matrixing graph, too.

Now, I used this graph to straighten up the martial arts. Go on, head over to Monster Martial Arts and read about the courses. More importantly, read the wins. Simply, when somebody uses Matrixing, the material (of motion) becomes simple to understand, more logical, and causes the student to learn MUCH faster.

And, good news, matrixing can be applied to Yoga just as easily as it was applied to martial arts.

You simply put the old, ancient ways of teaching people who were uneducated and ignorant in the back drawer, and you start using space age methods, modern teaching methods, and Yoga becomes instantly understandable. And this will enable you to master the poses MUCH faster.

Guaranteed. When you take Yoga, section by section of matrixed and logical and in order poses, you are going to be rather fascinated.

The truth is that you can fix Yoga the same way you fix the martial arts…

You simply organize it and make it logical!

The problem is that everybody has bought into the old methods of teaching. They are so excited to be doing something with such age, and it is a new culture, and…and they forget about western inventions like logic and better teaching methods.

Look, I’ve been through the martial arts, and there specific things that happen on each belt level, and here is a simple truth I’ve discovered…

If you know where you are going

you will get there faster!

yogi straying
Learn how to always get where you’re going!

It’s true. If you want to get to New York, you’d better get a road map. If you want to build a ham radio, you’d better get the step by step instructions. And…if you want to learn Yoga, you’d better get the exact, logical instructions that take you exactly there, concept by concept, in an orderly fashion.

Not piecemeal, body part by body part.

But step by logical step.

The book, Black Belt Yoga is organized in form and concept so that it makes sense. It is understandable, and it leads you exactly through Yoga. This is a big book, and there are a lot of concepts, and they have been arranged in the specific order you are likely to encounter them.

That means that you get the exact knowledge you are going to get, in line with the sequence of postures.

Everything has been laid out so it makes sense!

In the first few pages you are going to learn

  • What the four disciplines that lead to enlightenment are.
  • What each of those four disciplines do to cause enlightenment in the student.
  • EXACTLY what meditation is and how to do it WITH NO CONFUSION!
  • The first meditation that will cause your eyes to open and your mind to calm!
  • How to use this meditation anywhere, anytime, no matter what!
  • How belt ranking systems work and how they apply to Yoga.
  • What, exactly, you are. (And it is not a man, or woman, or something like that.)
  • What Yoga Routines are and how to create them specifically for yourself.
  • And more, more, more.
Learn how to do the impossible!

In this book are 100 poses arranged from White Belt to Black Belt.

And, there are over 100 specific essays dealing with organizing the exact growth and progression of the actual knowledge you will gain from a practice of Yoga.

To tell the truth, much of the things I tell you have NEVER been put to paper before. Simply, the eastern culture lacked the language to describe, and they lacked the empirical method necessary to real understanding.

In this book you are going to find some very specific things.

  • How to ‘Matrix’ yoga so that you can create an unending sequence of postures (pg 24)
  • The secret of what real body alignment is and what it is based on (pg 32)
  • How to fix the mind (pg 38) (Didn’t even know it was broken, did you? Grin!)
  • What the universe is, and what life is (pg 40)
  • How to explore the body through the entirely new concept of Matrixing (pg 47)
  • What OM is and how to create it. (pg 51) (the universal ‘sound.’)
  • What the Patanjali is and what has been done to it and how it has been fixed. (pg 54)
  • The five psychic activities that actually harm us! (and what to do about them) (59)
  • What dreams are, how they evolve, what to do about them (pg 75)
  • What reality is and how to make things disappear. (pg 77)
  • The one phrase that is at the heart of the universe. (pg 82)
  • The only six meditations you will need. (one at each belt level)
  • How the four paths to enlightenment are different parts of one universal motor. (pg 105)
  • On pg 106 is an illustration that will cement the four paths together, and will change the way you think about this universe forever!
  • Why the ancient way of teaching Yoga does not work in the western world. (pg 110)
wonderful yoga
Learn to be far-sighted!

Look, I’m not even halfway through the book, (The book is over 250 pages long!) and the good stuff, the advanced levels, are about to happen!

But, I have to tell you something first. This is not your simple ‘do your calisthenics’ yoga. This is POWERFUL STUFF! And it will change you.

If you want to get rich, the answer is in this book. Money is no problem once you have used Yoga to understand how the universe actually works.

You want that special girl or guy? Pretty darned easy, once you  have used Yoga to understand how the universe actually works.

If you want to make the universe work so that your life is nothing but green lights, the answer is in this book. Making life work is no problem once you have used Yoga to understand how the universe actually works.


If you want to start out each day with a bigger and bigger grin, and know that EVERYTHING is going to go your way, then Black Belt Yoga is for you!

Look, the point is this… this is a book about Yoga.

Not the single path string of random postures that people sell, but the whole thing, beginning to end.

Furthermore, it is about knowledge that is not written in any book. Or if it has been written, it is so twisted by mistranslation and cultural misunderstandings that the knowledge obscured and mystical.


yoga meditation
Learn the right way to meditate!

Black Belt Yoga is a book about what the universe really is, and how to operate it like you would drive a car or ride a bicycle. Except that you don’t ride down the road, you make the road slide past you, and configure it to whatever shape you wish.

You want to be healthy, wealthy and wise? Simply do Black Belt Yoga.

It is not one of those idiot get rich quick book fantasies, it is the truth of the universe as practiced for thousands of years. It is the accumulated…BUT ORGANIZED AND LOGICAL… knowledge of thousands of years.

Let’s get back to what is in the book,

  • How to move the universe if you don’t have a body (pg 114)
  • A clever way to test your growing abilities by communicating with animals. (pg 120)
  • What the mind is, how it differs from ‘mental abiltiies,’ and what to do about it. (pg 126)
  • What causes the mind to ‘go overboard,’ and the really simple things you can do to stop it. (pg 128)
  • A simple trick for staying awake all night (be careful!) (pg 133)
  • The one, single trick that will enable you to wake up every person you meet. (pg 135)
  • How to use vibration to cure the bipolar nature of the universe. (pg 137)
  • The actual geometry of space and how to use it. (pg 139)
  • The simple truth about what you should eat and why. (pg 146)
  • What immortality actually is and how to quickly and easily attain it. (pg 153)
  • How to identify the false gods of this universe (pg 162)
  • The five bodies that you are actually encased in. (pg 202)
  • Your viewpoint after you have figured out how not to have a body. (pg 207)
  • How to change anything you do 180 degrees (cures drugs, alcoholism, obsessions, anything!) (pg 209)
  • How to be pure and fix anybody in the world (pg 214)
  • You are a creature of light. (pg 220)
  • The exact source, the one thing, that causes ALL the war and famine and poverty and disease and so on in the whole universe. (pg 222)
out of body

And, there is a lot more.

Simply, this is the virtual Bible of Yoga, but written in simple English so that nobody can misunderstand it.

I mean, aren’t you tired of all the mysticism and voodoo doctors running around claiming ‘I can cure you! I’ve got the answers! And all that sort of such?

Wouldn’t you like there to be solid, scientific answers for everything in the universe?

Okay, the book is…

  • 256 pages long
  • over 40,000 words
  • over 130 graphics

That’s right, it is a big book, not one of those little manuals, and it covers ALL of Yoga, answers ALL your questions and you can be doing it inside of…


Now, here’s who might want to order this book

      • People who wanted to do Yoga but quit
      • People who need to rehabilitate their bodies (accident or disease)
      • People who need to warm or cool down before ANY other physical activity. (Pulled muscles are a thing of the past with Yoga!)
      • People who need to get in shape.
      • People who want to get in BETTER shape

Yoga has worked for 5,000 years!

You can’t find a better testimonial than that!

      • People who don’t want to go to the gym.
      • People who don’t have time to go to the gym.
      • People who don’t want to pay LARGE amounts of dollars.
      • People who don’t want to put up with incompetent instructors.
      • People who want to learn Yoga without the BS!
      • People who want to change their lifestyle
      • Be skinnier.
      • Change diet.
      • Be charged with lean muscle.
      • Be filled with extra energy!
      • People who just want to be better!
yoga friendship
Make exciting, new friends!

I think it was Tony Robbins who said, ‘If you do the same thing over and over again, you’re going to get the same results.’

Look, it’s the truth: if you want to change yourself you have to change what you are doing, otherwise… you are going to be stuck in the same old same old rut!

So it is time to actually make this Yoga thing work, and work F-A-S-T!

So, ‘nuff said…

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There is a new you just waiting to come out!

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