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The data contained in Prologue is going to work better if you are involved in the Martial Arts. It will work regardless, but it will work better if you have martial Arts Training.

Prologue is the introductory Scripture to the Church of Martial Arts. It explains matrixing, and neutronics, and details how matrixing became neutronics.

Further, it illuminates the three methods of thought, and describes the evolution of thought processes within human beings.

Once you understand how people think, they become easy to work with.

  1. Matrixing, what it is, how and why it works.
  2. Matrixing as an evolutionary process, how to find out what you don’t know.
  3. Applications of Matrixing through math, language, and more.
  4. Matrixing applied to life. You will find out how simple Matrixing is, and how it can be used to resolve and understand absolutely anything in your life.
  5. Neutronics. How Matrixing became Neutronics. You will experience the utter truth of how simple life is.
  6. Neutronics applied to emotions. This is so simple, but it is going to enable you to take control of anybody who even converses with you.
  7. What the universe is. The Core Concepts which resulted in Matrixing and Neutronics. How to control people, organizations, or anything else you might wish to control.
  8. How the universe came into existence. Neutronic methods of resolving confusion in yourself and others.

And more!

If I have misrepresented this book, if I don’t deliver everything I say, in an exact manner, then please return the book for a full refund.


I know that people don’t know what Neutronics is, so here is a special price for your first book.


Prologue is a 92 page ebook.
You will be directed to a download page.

 Here are the first few pages of Prologue…



  1. Three Ways of Thinking
  2. The Basic Matrix
  3. A New Evolution
  4. Applying Matrixing
  5. Another Matrix
  6. Neutronics
  7. Emotion
  8. Speech
  9. Dichotomy
  10. Waves

Conclusion Appendix 1
Appendix 2


Okay, let’s solve some mysteries.
How about…why people learn at different rates.
Or, why people drop out.
Or, here’s a good one, how and why males and females think dif-
Have I got you intrigued?
And, just to let you know, what I am about to tell you I discovered
through the martial arts.
This one point, discovery through the martial arts, is quite inter-
esting; how one could solve the mysteries of the mind, and make a truly astounding discovery concerning the method by which man actually functions through a method for beating people up.
Okay, let’s go.


There are three methods for thinking.
These methods relate to how people input data, and, therefore, these methods relate to training people.


The first method is linear thought.

Linear thought is nothing but the sequencing of data until under- standing occurs.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5…is the perfect example of linear thought.

Consider, when a child learns, he repeats the numbers until he can recall some sort of order. Then he adjusts the order, fills in the gaps, and finally understands that there is a label for each element in the sequence.

That is all there is to the concept of linear thought.


The second method is mosaic thought.

Mosaic thought is when you study a picture, noting the key- points, until the picture appears.

That is all there is to it, and yet, by noting several things about this method, you will start to grasp the difference between mosaicity and linearity on a rather large scale.

The martial arts are taught through the method of Mosaic Thought.

Students are taught key techniques until the whole picture makes sense.

I am sure there will be some students who claim that the study of basics create Linearity of Thought.

Not so, for the basics are out of order, and there is vast and great confusion as to what a basic is.

Indeed, every art has ‘basics,’ and there has been such a commingling of basics that a string of basics which represent Linearity of Thought is nowhere to be found.

Now, here is something startling, women think in Mosaic Thought.

We could talk about right brain and left brain here, but that has little to do with it; the hard wiring of the brain is superseded by the mode of the mind.

There are, however some contributing factors which we could consider.

One, up until recent times, women weren’t well educated.

They studied things like home economics, and were not encouraged in fields like mathematics.

There is more to this phenomena than this, of course, but let this serve as a prime example.

The point being that women were not encouraged to study subjects which resulted in Linearity of Thought; they weren’t encouraged to become engineers and physicists and mathematicians.

A human being, however, refuses to not learn, so, in place of learning Linearity of Thought women relied on the original concept Mosaic Thought.

That’s right, Mosaic thought occurred before Linearity of Thought. Linearity of Thought is actually a rather recent invention, as far as the history of man on this planet goes.

Consider the Oriental: up until recent times he was not well educated, so he became quite expert in Mosaic Thought.

His systems of Martial Arts are incredibly ingenious. Picking out the right techniques in a mosaic so that a student can finally see the whole picture and make an intuitive leap and achieve mastery.

Indeed, even become enlightened.

For what is enlightenment but the moment when a mosaic of sufficient size and scope is understood?

Now, lest somebody call me a sexist, or racist, or some other such silliness, let me say that I am talking about methods of learning, and, in the case of the various cultures, there were circumstances which guided the development of thought.

Does a culture have iron ore? That could easily effect the meth- ods of learning that a culture might use.

Does a culture need a certain technology to survive?

Do the migratory patterns of animals result in upheaval of Thinking Methods?

Indeed, this is a vast question with such a myriad of answers that one might, except for a few examples, put it aside.

After all, we don?t care how it all came to be, we just care about understanding it, and taking advantage of whatever method of thought is of best advantage to the moment.

Now, before I go into the third method of thought, let me put forth some data which will be necessary to understand this third method.

A computer inputs data in Linear fashion.

Zeros and ones. Sequences of on and off, that is all a computer is. Yet I am writing this article on a computer, and perhaps you play vast and intricate games in virtual reality which require substantive logarithms and…

On and off.

One and zero.

Sequences of two numbers. Period.

A human being does not usually learn in Linear fashion.

He does not have a single wire inputting strings of zeros and ones to sort through.

What a human being does is…



I know that people don’t know what Neutronics is, so here is a special price for your first book.


Prologue is a 92 page ebook.
You will be directed to a download page.


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