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karate masterMATRIXING: The Master Text
The Master Text is designed to give a student full education as to the Matrixing process. This text is the doctoral dissertation on Matrixing; this is the Bible of Matrixing.

It starts out by giving a little history, talking about my experiences, and so on. Some of this material you may have; some of it has appeared in free books I have offered, or been posted on the Monster Martial Arts website, and so on.

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But past this introductory material it goes into the actual research I used to develop Matrixing.

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While the Master Text doesn’t present the material of the various Monster courses, it does present the sequence of actual matrices. You get to see matrix after matrix, presenting an entire picture of the Matrixing process.


You get an historical viewpoint concerning the development of these individual Matrixes.

And, past the matrixes, you get to see the actual graphs I drew of the martial arts right after I solved them.

karate drillSo what were the direct effects of this research?

The first and direct result was…The Map.

And, I used The Map to isolate ranges of motion specific to a variety of individual arts.


Then I used the various graphs to isolate ranges of specific techniques.

And here’s something interesting, a lot of people have written in and asked me to Matrix Kenpo.

horse stanceYou’ll see my actual attempt to Matrix Kenpo, and why it didn’t work. This is invaluable data for any Kenpoka who wishes to Matrix his art.

This is page after page of graphs tied into page after page of techniques. A whole art. It might be hard to decipher, but if you’re interested in the ground up viewpoint of how I managed to develop Matrixing, this is ground zero/Eureka/OMG all wrapped up in a rather messy package.

It is messy because it covers decades of experience, dozens of books, a lot of unpublished, never seen stuff.

monkey blastSometimes the writing is disjointed, the style and viewpoint is jumpy, and so on, because it is compiled from a variety of writings over several decades.

AND I CAUTION YOU…if you are just interested in Matrixing and the Martial Arts, you should head on over to Monster MartialArts and order Matrix Karate.

This book, ‘Matrixing: The Master Text,’ is aimed at detailing the research behind Matrixing.

Yes, you can get both, and there will be some duplication. But the essence of Matrixing: The Master
kenpo mapText is a bit lofty and esoteric, and designed for the
person wanting to take an advanced course in the stuff.


Okay, that all said, here’s a more specific list of the contents.


  • Lineage.
  • Perfect Karate Forms and Matrix Forms and how and why they fit together. This is a complete art.
  • Kicking drills and exercises.
  • martial arts graphicZen exercises designed to empty the mind and clarify your purpose.

  • Complete data on concepts underlying the martial arts.
  • Complete data on the evolution of Matrixing.
  • Complete data on the structure of Matrixing.
  • Complete data, including original Matrix tables from a variety of Matrix courses.
  • An overview of Matrixing.
  • The one technique in the martial arts that is Matrixed and perfect.
  • Original maps and charts essential to the development of Matrixing.
  • A form segment from Monkey boxing which was influenced by Matrixing development, and which provides missing data as to the evolution of Matrixing Forms.
  • Original Position Analysis Charts used to analyze an entire art (Kenpo).

As you can see, this is all original research. It has never been seen in the martial arts on this planet. Few have even imagined it.

180 (8 1/2 by 11) pages/65,ooo words/761 graphics

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