Neutronic Healing

Neutronic Healing for the Mind and Soul

Neutronic Healing. A different look at how to heal the body, a method based on the physics beyond the physics. Here is the introduction…

It was Albert Schweitzer who stated, “Every patient carries her or his own doctor inside.”
This is true.
Of course, the question now becomes: how can we unleash our inner doctor?
We live in a world, you see, that doesn’t believe in inner doctors. We live in a world that is FDA regulated, AMA controlled, HMO profited, government mandated, don’t get well because it is easier to enslave people if they are sick, poor, and stupid.
So you have to take a different path. You have to learn the truth about this universe, and the truth about you. Oddly, you’ll find that it is easier, and makes more sense than anything you have ever done.
Oh, there will be a couple of mind twists before we’re done, but that’s okay.
So let’s talk about Neutronics, and figure out better ways of looking at the world, and of making sure that we attain and stay in tip top health.

But, this is not just about healing, or, its about what we really have to heal if we are going to heal ourselves.
You see, medical doctors are specialists in cut and pill. And they assume they know everything about nutrition and everything else.
But there are other doctors.
You see, the body is like a big house. There is an electrical system (energy meridians) and a plumbing system and all sorts of other systems that require different specialists.
But the real question is: how do these various systems relate to Neutronics?
And what is the Neutronic viewpoint concerning alternative therapies, and so on.
Because Neutronics is the science behind the science, the physics behind the physics.

Now, some of this book is simply common sense. Yeah, I know that, Al. Eat this, rest that, and so on on. Then you’ll come into some Neutronics, and things will shift a bit, and suddenly you’ll understand things from a diffeent viewpoint, the Neutronic viewpoint.

And, to tell the truth, I’ve really only scratched the surface. This is more of a guidebook to point the way.
I know this may frustrate some healers who want more, but it is up to you to take the material of this book and move forward.
And, I know that some people will find it a bit overwhelming. I recommend you read Prologue before getting this book. It’s not necessary, but you might find it useful.

I think the most important thing I can say, however, about this book, is that it describes how Neutronics can be used.
All of the data is useful, and life changing, but previous books have been aimed at bringing about understanding. This book is about doing something. Actively. Helaping yourself…and helping others.
That’s a useful thing for everybody.

Neutronic Healing is an 80 page ebook.
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