The Neutronic Viewpoint

A Short History of Neutronics


This book details the actual experiences that resulted in Neutronics.

Experiences with life, with the martial arts.

How the author was kidnapped by the United States government, threatened with 30 years in a federal penitentiary, introduced to The True Art by a Hell’s Angel, deafened by gunfire, and eventually attained enlightenment.

Tales of specific people and what they did and said which impacted profoundly upon the author, and which led to Neutronic realization.

The seven ‘Pilars’ of Neutronics.

Detailed specifics of realization and analysis of Neutronic Theory is included in each chapter.

Included with this volume is the Martial Arts verse, ‘Beyond Hands.’

This is not just a biography, this is a journey of enlightenment.


The Neutronic Viewpoint is a 90 page ebook.

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