The Neutronics Textbook

Neutronics is ‘The’ textbook.


  • The Sphere Theory
  • Force/Flow Theory
  • Neutronic Matrixing
  • Neutronics applied to the universe
  • Wave Theory in Neutronics
  • How to Handle People with Neutronics
  • The Secret of the Universe
  • Motor Theory
  • How to Apply Neutronics to Society
  • Why Mankind Is
  • What makes a man good or bad (This reveals the True Devil of the Human Race!)

Good Lord! I am only halfway through the book with this list, and it just keeps getting better and better!

The point here is this: mankind is asleep, dreaming that he is awake. By learning how to manipulate the universe a person wakes up. It is that simple. And Neutronics shows you how to manipulate ANYTHING in the universe.

Unfortunately, the things I tell you in this simple book have never been expressed before.

Nobody has written of these Neutronic concepts, except in the most vague or random fashion.

Thus, man remains asleep, and the universe does with him what it wants.

Are you at the whim of your boss? Your Wife? Your Kids? The News? Strangers on the street?

Neutronics will change that. It will put you firmly in charge.

Listen, the universe is a mirror for what is in your mind. Learn to handle the universe, and you will be able to handle what is in your mind…and this will lead you to the truth of The Real You.

The Awake You.


Neutronics is a 96 page ebook.

It is only $9.95

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