Outside the Tube

Going Outside the Tube

One of the most interesting tasks that Neutronics has is to define God.
White haired old gentleman? Lightening bolts in hands and love in his heart?
But how does that equate with Allah?
Or the Supreme Being…Hinduistically speaking?
And, now that we’re into it…
Does the Neutronics God satisfy all the religions, sects, countries, cultures and peoples of the world?
How about Jupiter and Zeus and all that great Gods of yesteryear?

Now, I know you think I’m poking fun, and, knowing me, maybe I am.
But if God represents everybody…shouldn’t everybody’s vision of God be accounted for?
Dare a religion exclude all the potentials of the Supreme Being in its definitions and catechism?

And here’s the rub, how the heck can Neutronics have such a definition without offending the heck out of somebody…somewhere?
Well, we shall see.
At any rate, there is a definition for God in this book, and it defines that which can’t be defined.
I’m sure that people have touched upon this definition, maybe many of you, but I’m also sure that you’ll agree that the Neutronics approach in unique and embracing and even all encompassing.

God aside (I can’t believe I said that), let’s consider you.
What are you? Who are you?
In Prologue we address that question pretty definitely; we talk about how you began.
But, what were you before the beginning?
What were you before you were you?
Interesting question, eh?
The answer is in this book.

And, where are you?
This is one of the most fascinating questions Neutronics has ever dealt with, and the answer is, again, in this book.

Now, I should caution you. You’re going to have t o wade through some of this stuff.
I’ve included illustration to help, but the shock to the system when you find out the answer to these questions, well, lets’s just say that we’re going where no man has gone before.

Or, you could just skip all this God and ‘before the beginning’ stuff and ‘where the heck are you real?’ stuff, and just skip to the good part.
The good part is: what the heck do we do about the ungodly masses which make up society? What is insanity and what are we going to do about it? What are we going to do with our run amok institutions?
We grab burning brands and march the streets! Our eyes glowing fanatically as we embark upon the grandest inquisition this planet has ever…

No, no!
I’m just kidding!
Neutronics is not about pain and suffering, it’s about answers.
And, of course, it is martial arts specific.
So, if you have ever entertained thoughts such as I have just described here, or perhaps even wanted a good, old-fashioned inquisition (those homo sapiens can be so-o-o-o unruly!) and you are a martial artist…isn’t it about time the twain met?
Isn’t it about time you went…Outside the Tube?

Outside the Tube is an 84 page ebook.
You could be reading it within two minutes!

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