Surviving the Mobs

I decided to put this book here because, let’s face it, the world is going through tough times, and people need to know how to survive if we are going to make this world a better place.

Surviving the Mobs is a prepper book. It deals with surviving an event. Be it earthquake or tornado or atomic war or biological attack or FEMA roundup, this book has hints and directions that will enable you to survive.

Mind you, I can’t tell you exactitudes, because everybody has a different situation. But I can point at certain logistics and give hint that will enable you to solve any prepper problem quick and easy.

Now, to be sure, this is not an advanced book, but it is an intelligent book. So if you have advanced knowledge of the subject, you may not need it. But if you want a logical and well written tome, perhaps to give to friends to get them started, perhaps just to make logical your own mindset, then this is probably the book to you.

Let’s face it, there are a lot of books on prepping, but most of them are slanted towards one mind set or another, one event or another. and, most of them are not well written. Most preppers are not professional writers…I am.

That said, this provides a quick overview, then a checksheet approach to take you right through just about any disaster you can imagine.

No more of the ‘What did I forget’ type of thought, but a complete checksheet that will lead you step by step to complete preparedness.

And we do need complete preparedness. Let me give you a checksheet of disaster to make you think.

1) The gold standard was abandoned by Nixon.

2) The Chinese are stockpiling gold, and Fort Knox is likely empty.

3) At the same time, the corrupt politicians of Washington are lying their way through elections, enjoying their princedoms while the US goes broke.

4) 47% of the US is on welfare of some kind.

5) The Banksters print money which reduces the value of the dollar.

6) The New World Order plots out disasters and then takes advantage of them to a) tax the web, b) destroy enterprise in the US, c) get rid of the second amendment, d) and so on and so on.

7) I won’t even mention people who rule by executive order.

Do you see how it is coming to a head? How it is going to collapse?

We are talking about a collusion of corporations, a destruction of individual freedom, corporations detroying food with the Genetically Modified Organisms that can’t even reproduce seeds, Monsanto patenting pigs and corn, FEMA camps set up for dissenters, and so on and neverending so on!

Now the truth of the matter is this: any form of government could work, if the politicians were honest. Well, maybe not communism, but just about every other form of government.

And, the United States is great not because of its constitution, but because for a hundred years people outran government.

But, we are our own worst enemy, and so we set up governments, and we enslave ourselves.

The truth of the matter is that we have overgrown ourselves, and everything is about to collapse inward, and we are about to find a new reality.

That, incidentally, is why there is a Monkeyland.

Monkeyland is a place where people come to study the martial arts, to survive the coming turmoil, and to train themselves to participate in a new and enlightened life.

Sure, there will be slavery in the world for a while, but freedom is like sex. It just wants to breed. It is, after all, a necessary part of the human spirit.

So Monkeyland is necessary and crucial if we want to reach our full potential as a race.

Okey dokey, that is my message, and Surviving the Mobs is going to help you through the times of change, and to make a new world order…beyond the bad old world order.

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And make sure you look into matrix martial arts and neutronics so that you will have something to promote after the world falls apart and you survive.

3 thoughts on “Surviving the Mobs”

  1. Hello Sifu Al.
    I just wanted to thank you again for your always inspiring Monster Workout newsletters! I really wish I could work out as often as you mention it. But, between what I can do martial arts-wise, kettlebells, and a low-carb diet, I am doing something right. Thanks in part to your motivation! Best Wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2013! ~Steve

    1. Thanks, Steve. Sounds like a great program, now if we could just have a few more hours in the day…grin. Have a great work out! Al

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