1 ~ Postulant (Matrix Karate)

What a Postulant is…

A postulant is a seeker. This is the translation of the word, and it fits the bill perfectly for this first level of the Church of Martial Arts.

matrix karate
Matrix Karate: The Art of the Postulant

A seeker recognizes that the world is crazy, filled with people who run in a rat race, and he wants a better world.

Through Matrix Karate the seeker will find an ordered martial art, a logic that makes sense, a method that will separate him from the people in the zoo.

Following are the curriculum for the Postulant.

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Please note that these are all instant downloads.

Perfect Karate ($9.99) ~ a short tome offering the basic two man courses. Perfect for the just curious, or the dilettante. Please note that there will be no discounts from the package if you order courses separately and then change your mind.

Matrix Karate ($24.99) ~ The complete course as sold on Monster Martial Arts. Includes complete Matrix Karate system. Video and 165 page book with 15,000 words and 250 graphics. Also includes BONUS ‘Power Kicks’ video. These are the complete forms, applications, two man drills, methods of freestyle, and more.

Master Instructor Course ($24.99) ~ The complete course as sold on Monster Martial Arts. 90 minute video and 105 page book with 16,000 words and 113 graphics. This course will give you perfect form, and enable to make ANY technique work perfectly.

Black Belt Course (119 lessons) ($49.99) ~ A complete video course, shot over a three month period, detailing one student’s journey to Black Belt. These are personal one on one lessons, jammed full of data. The Master Founder goes over every form, every technique, every drill, and makes sure that the student has ALL the data! It’s like being a fly on the wall of the greatest journey in the entire world of the martial arts.

The Neutronic Viewpoint ($9.99) ~ The first book ever written on Neutronics. These are the personal experiences, culminating in enlightenment, of the author’s drive to Neutronics. From the ground up, you will know exactly what he went through, and what it felt like.

Prologue ($9.99) ~ A polished look at exactly how matrixing works, and how it becomes Neutronics. This is the beginning of the science.

Checklist ~ Recommended checklist for the student to follow. Want to get there? Fast? Simply follow the checklist, one item at a time. This is not just The Way…it is a paved superhighway of signposts telling you EXACTLY what to do to achieve your martial arts dreams.

Total value of these books and courses are $130. Buy them in package and save $30.

All materials to Postulant…$99.99

Being the first art of Monkeyland, it would behoove the potential seeker to study Matrix Karate. It is a requirement, and if the Postulant doesn’t know Matrix Karate before he arrives, it will be the first art studied. Better to know it before you get there, and save a little time.

BONUS! ~ Now what kind of a package would this be if it didn’t include bonuses, eh?

How about…’The Master’s Handbook.’ This is the first martial arts book the author ever wrote. It has the gleanings of Matrixing, and you can see the exact thought processes, the drills, and the other minutiae that attended the greatest martial arts break out in history.

So you are a seeker. Whether you know it or not.Every person has a purpose in life, and this purpose is attended by dreams and goals.

Maybe you came into the martial arts because you wanted to be like Bruce Lee, or you wanted to fight good, or any other number of reasons. But now that you are here, and now that you are on this site and reading this page…you have the chance to go all the way.

So are you going to act on your dreams?

Are you going to set a goal of completing this course and becoming not just the martial artist that you truly are…but the person that you really want to be?

The solution is simple, order the Postulant Package…and you could be taking the first steps of the most complete journey to Martial Arts Mastery in the world.

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