2 ~ Novitiate/Novice (Temple Karate)

What a Novitiate in the Church of Martial Arts is…

Notice: Part of this course has it’s own website. You can read the overview here, but the details of this course of study will be at KangDukWon.com.

A Novitiate is a Novice, a beginner, and it is the second level at the Church of Martial arts.

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Temple Karate: The Art of the Novitiate

A Novice has studied Matrix Karate, and he has the logic to be able to understand the Martial Arts. It is very appropriate that the Novice learns the classical side of Karate.

Temple Karate consists of the best Karate forms and techniques in the world. Every other art of Karate in the world was examined, dissected for value, matrixed thoroughly, and only the forms that actually cause a person to evolve spiritually were chosen.

Temple Karate includes 11 forms, all the techniques, and bonus sections on where and how these forms and techniques were actually constructed.

After doing Temple Karate the Novice will know the truth about Karate, and he will be the source of Karate. He will also be a certified 3rd Level Monk in the Church of Martial Arts

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Following is the curriculum for the Novitiate level of the Church of Martial Arts. The material on this level is extensive, and it may be broken into two parts at some time in the near future. If you want to avoid the extra step I suggest you get it all now.

The Complete Art of Temple Karate ~  includes LOTS of video and books with COMPLETE instructions.

The complete Art of Pan Gai Noon ~ Complete Art, including forms and applications on book and video.

Neutronics ~ The classic text on Neutronics. Tells exactly what it is and how to use it in the world.

Neutronic Healing ~ An amazing, little tome concerning who to use Neutronics to achieve peak health…and keep it!

Checklist ~ Exact, step by step instructions. Part of this checklist will be to follow the individual checklists as written on the Temple Karate course.

This makes for a massive amount of material, but because it is laid out in easy steps, and because the Novitiate has previously done Matrix Karate, the journey will happen amazingly fast.

Includes following BONUSES:

Imperial Karate Videos ~ A whole new take on the creation of Karate. This will take you back to the origins of Karate, and what made it so special.

The Master’s Handbook ~ The first book the author wrote on the MartialArts. (also available on Postulant Level).

Amazing Fighting Drills ~ Original Fighting Drills that have become ‘lost’ through the commercialization of the Martial Arts.

Kang Duk Won ~ Original book on the Kang Duk Won.

The Punch ~ A virtual doctoral dissertation on the mechanics and physics of a punch. This is the second set of physics that tells you how to generate chi power in your movements.

The Kick ~ A companion book to ‘The Punch.’

The Candle ~ The book that gives you the exact instructions on how to put out a candle from over a foot away with effortless ‘chi power.’ The author is one of the few people in the world that can do this, and is the only person to have written down the instructions so that ANYONE can do it.

The Master Books ~ Ten volumes written by the author as he was leaving traditional martial arts behind and moving in Matrixing. VERY interesting stuff. This is where he turned left where everyone else was turning right.

This is a VERY comprehensive course, and it may be broken into two courses in the near future.

When the student has completed this course he will be a third level Monk at the Church of Martial Arts.

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