3 ~ 3rd Monk (Shaolin Kung Fu)

What a 3rd Level Monk is…

A third level Monk has been accepted for study at Monkeyland. While physical presence is recommended, it is not demanded. Any of the levels of Monkeyland can be studied from afar.

Shaolin Butterfly: The Art of the 3rd Level Monk
Shaolin Butterfly: The Art of the 3rd Level Monk

A 3rd Level Monk has studied Matrix Karate and Temple Karate, and his next course of study involves the Shaolin Butterfly, which is a form of Shaolin Kung Fu. This is only logical, and actually traces certain evolutionary paths of the martial arts, both historically and pertaining to Chi development.

Shaolin Butterfly consists of six specific Kung Fu concepts, which are embraced in 10 specific forms. These are the principles that made Shaolin Kung Fu the source of Martial Arts for thousands of years.

After doing the Shaolin Butterfly the 3rd Monk will be ready for the depths of internal studies.

The Shaolin Butterfly is available online. 


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