4 ~ 2nd Level Monk (Butterfly Pa Kua Chang)

What a 2nd Level Monk is…

A second level monk is well on his way at the Church of Martial Arts. He has completed his studies of Karate and Shaolin Kung Fu, and he is ready to enter the deeper studies of Chi development.

butterfly pa kua chang
Butterfly Pa Kua Chang: The Art of the 2nd Level Monk

This in depth study of Pa Kua Chang introduces concepts of flow, and principles of fighting, and an approach to personal harmony that is not equaled anyhere in the world, Martial Arts or otherwise.

This arrangement of studies, from Karate through Kung Fu through internal Kung fu, is logical and orderly, and leads the student of the Martial Arts upward, to personal evolution, and to the highest reaches of the martial arts.

Butterfly Pa Kua Chang is available online.


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