5 ~ 1st Level Monk (Five Army Tai Chi Chuan)

What a 1st Level Monk is…

A first level Monk studies Tai Chi Chuan. Here are the final secrets of internal energy, how to absorb attacks, instead of engaging them. How to use less energy instead of more. How to deflect attacks with the mind and subtle reaches of energy.

tai chi chuan martial art
Five Army Tai Chi Chuan: The Art of the 1st Level Monk

A first level monk at the Church of Martial Arts is something the world has never seen. He is the possessor of the complete technology of the martial arts.

Not a study dictated by opportunity, of being fortunate enough to be in an area where sufficient different martial arts exist, with sufficiently qualified teachers to teach them, but a study of the martial arts as a science, as a logic of geometry.

Five Army Tai chi Chuan is available online.


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