6 ~ Priest (Weapons)

What a Priest is…

a Priest at Monkeyland is involved with learning weapons.

monkey kung fu
Monkey Boxing: The Art of the Priest

Weapons have been studied previously, but this level the priest studies Blinding Steel, and various other weapons, as mentioned in ‘3rd Level 6th Sense Swordfighting.’ (3L6SS is available in The Master Books).

This is a complete study of weapons through all ranges and distances, from Blinding Steel weaponology to Matrix Kung Fu Takedowns.

The Priest will also be responsible for giving Matrix Aikido seminars. These seminars are offered only to qualified people at Monkeyland. Qualifications include at least six months of martial arts study, and other requirements.

Monkey Boxing includes Blinding Steel and Matrix Kung Fu. Those courses, and Matrix Aikdio, are available online.

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