How to Fly on the Ethereal Plane

About the Ethereal Plane

The ethereal plane is that place where beings have existence but no structure. It is a separate universe of ideas and awareness, and it can only be reached through discipline. This concept, of everything in reality having been a perfect thought first, was first put forth by Plato (I believe I may have said Aristotle in other places. Bad me.)

A martial Artist may reach this universe.

But, there are many reasons why a martial artist will fail.

This booklet, How to Fly in the Ethereal Universe, will correct these failures and offer the martial artist the first chance, ever, to reach the ethereal plane.

Mind you, it takes discipline, and imagination, and awareness.

Why should you want to reach the ethereal plane? Let alone fly on it?

Because that is the place where ideas are put forth before they become reality in this universe.

Want to be rich? Get the girl? Have your own company? Other things?

It must first be thought of on the ethereal plane.

All ideas come from the ethereal plane.

Currently, all ideas are virtual accidents on the ethereal plane, and this because nobody knows how to get to the ethereal plane, let alone work on it. If they do, the knowledge is immediately forgotten upon returning to this universe.

Waking in this universe means going to sleep on the ethereal plane.

So this booklet will give you all sorts of data about how to achieve the ethereal plane. It will give you theory concerning the ethereal plane, and then the author’s own direct experience of flying on the ethereal plane.

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There will be no refunds for this booklet. Any of my other books on neutronics, or matrixing, or the martial arts, are always backed up by full money back guarantee. But this is only two bucks, and I just don’t want to bother.

So, dig deep, brother, and help the martial arts return to their true glory.

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