Would you like to contribute to the greatest Martial arts project since the Shaolin Temple?

Would you like to make the martial arts on planet earth the best they have ever been?

Is this the mountain upon which the temple will be built?
The mountain upon which the temple will be built

Would you like to be one of the people who help usher in the Golden Age of Martial Arts on Planet Earth?

Then you need to go to Monkeyland.

Monkeyland, the Church of Martial Arts, a lonely dojo on a hilltop far removed from civilization.

Where only the faithful train.

I’ve prepared a bit of information to help you get to Monkeyland. It includes what you should study, the actual road to Monkeyland, and things you can do to help Monkeyland happen.

Just to let you know, Monkeyland exists by donations. So I’ll be right up front: do you have two dollars in your pocket?

HOLD IT! Don’t press that back button. I’m not done with you, yet.

Check your pockets, go on, stick your hands in them and feel around. Now look in your wallet.

If you have two dollars, sitting there doing nothing, then excellent! Monkeyland can use them. Click on the paypal button and learn about, and contribute to, the greatest Martial arts project in the history of man.

What! You actually don’t have two dollars?

Well, what do you think a church is about? It is about helping people. So email me and tell me you don’t have two bucks to your name, and I will send you, free, ‘The Road to Monkeyland’ PDF.

And thanks for giving me the chance to help you.

Bear in mind that you won’t get any freebies that are available to people who donate, but at least you will be inspired to come to Monkeyland, and that will change your life. You’ll start making money, life will get better, and one day you will remember who helped you…who your true friends are.

Now, right below this sentence is the donation button. Please click it and start your journey.

paypal button

If you are not directed to a download page please advise me at:

Thanks for helping the Martial Arts enter a new, Golden Age.

Have a great work out!

Al Case

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