Welcome to the Church of Martial Arts

 Man is Asleep…Dreaming that He is Awake

An interesting statement that is at the heart of all mankind’s problems.

That serial killer over there, he is actually a nice fellow, dreaming that he has to kill people.

And that dictator plundering his country and causing war, he’s a tremendous fellow who is in the middle of a nightmare where he thinks everybody is against him, and his only solution is to squash people like bugs, to murder everyone, to cleanse the planet of any who might threaten to…wake him up.

At heart, we are all charming fellows and gals. Underneath the avarice and dishonesty and mean acts…we are human beings. We just don’t know it. We are asleep to our own nature.

We are asleep, dreaming that we are awake.

And what is the solution?

Interestingly, there have been many solutions available to mankind. The four major ones are:

  • yoga
  • monk
  • fakir
  • martial arts

The yogi holds poses and seeks the truth of himself. He is motionless, sending his awareness out in search of his true nature.

The monk studies scriptures, searching for the Truth of The Divine. The Truth of the Divine is in his own soul.

The fakir detaches himself from worldly desires. If he can separate himself from earthly  longings…he can find the truth of himself.

The martial artist fights, until he no longer wants to fight. And when there is no more fight left in his soul, he is left with the truth.

Each of these four methods have problems, and they all lose sight of one crucial fact: they are all part of the same path.

When I was matrixing the martial arts I realized that there was more than just commonality between the various martial arts. Each art was part of every other art…they just described a different geometry, presented a different viewpoint of the same picture.

The same holds true for the four paths: each of the four paths is a different viewpoint describing the same picture. Put the four paths together, learn how to twine the paths into one, and the journey to the Truth of One’s Self is quick and easy.

Takes work, and there is some pain. Those eyelids are fair glued shut, you see, but…it is possible to wake up, get smarter, be more aware. It is possible to live a life awake…even in the middle of mankinds vast and cemented and commingling nightmare.

You can, simply by waking, enable your children to seek education, cause your mate unending happiness, even have a government that works for you.

Anything is possible when you are awake.

Nothing is possible when you are asleep.

Welcome to the Church of Martial Arts.

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8 thoughts on “Welcome to the Church of Martial Arts”

  1. Practising martial arts for long enough leads, as you say, to a desire not to fight. “There is no fight left in one’s soul.” To harm another human being is seen for the illusion it is. Is love the greatest form of self-defense?

    1. I would say to love your opponent is the greatest martial arts strategy, but I hate pigeonholing ‘love’ as the way. After all you can’t really have love unless you have knowledge first. Or, at the least, your love is shakeable until you have understanding. Have a great work out.

    2. Yes it is, Jesus tells us to turn the other cheek, but not to be mistaken to allow a person to continue his attack. Protecting the weak ,a loved one, is not aground to hurt but control ones self and control an attack the best one can.
      Master William S. Donnell 7th Dan

  2. Hey Al, just checked the new site. it’s truly amazing, and you will be surprised, but back then when I bought a lot of your fantastic courses I found myself drowning in data and thought to myself “heck, it would be wonderful to have this ordered in a ladder fashion”, and now it is! Thank you, and keep the good work Al

  3. I received an email from Enoch Mind Reality with an excerpt from your works relating to healing a migraine using Neutronic Healing. I was intrigued by it so have searched the internet for more info….found this site….really looking forward to learning more about this:)

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    best wishes
    A. Askarian

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