Help Monkeyland…Grow the Church of Martial Arts!

Your donations to Monkeyland are greatly appreciated. Whether it is in therealm of stuff, or services, or just plain, old money, we thank you.

Here are a couple of ways to contribute to the building of the Monkeyland Temple.

The Road to Monkeyland ~ A pictorial journey of the road to Monkeyland. This is what you will actually encounter when you come here to study the best Martial Arts int he world.

How to Fly on the Ethereal Plane ~ An explanation of the Ethereal Plane, and how to do one of the simplest but most fun things possible on the ethereal plane.


Anything you can give will be appreciated. We have to build gardens and structures, repair the road and advertise and raise animals…and a thousand and one other things.

Martial Arts Garden of Eden

Imagine Monkeyland…a place where the faithful can work out…and it can happen with your help!

Please donations to

include your address and the preferred spelling of your name in the message,

and you will shortly receive a certificate naming you as…

A Friend of Monkeyland!

(example of certificate coming soon)

2 thoughts on “Donations”

  1. We’re looking for the next farm now. Best wishes to the monkey king and our soon to be brother western monastery. Monkeys should know that cropping health foods, herbs and niche crops are a way to have things sold before they’re done growing. The demand for monk-ey food just keeps increasing and we can help with all phases of yield cropping. Plus, if things go off center, you have and edible, health preserving inventory on your hands.
    I think as many opportunities to learn and train makes the social difference, in hard times, of the ratio of monks vs “hobos”. Monk is a living when there isn’t any.

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