4 Fakir

Begging to Heaven

The Fakir is usually a student of Islam or Hindi. He has decided to discover the truth of himself through renouncing the universe. This is a very pure motive, but one with severe problems.

So the Fakir sees he is attached to good food, so he makes himself eat gruel.

He has a job and likes it, so he quits it and goes to begging for a few pennies so he can eat his gruel.
He has a marriage, so he divorces.

He has family…no more.

He puts aside everything, and focuses on certain ritual that will enable him to see through to the heart of himself.

Now, the universe is things, and he is Awareness, so he is giving up things to be awareness. Nothing wrong with that.

Except that giving up the universe doesn’t enable one to control it. In the end, he has great awareness of what he can’t have, or control, or use for his benefit, or use to benefit anyone.

There is a great bliss potential here.

But what good is a fellow who feels great, but can’t function within society?

Well, he can encourage others to give up their lives and become beggars.

But is that making mankind stronger?

Mind you, though my words are harsh and grim, there is much to be gained here.

Every person should have something of the fakir in him or her.

Society is a big junk pile. Walk into a grocery store and it is about ten per cent food, and the rest reconstituted cardboard, plastic gimcracks, magazines, diapers, and what have you.

What do you really need to study the martial arts? To study Neutronics?

You need yourself. You need to be able to afford a bed and food, basic clothes. You need to be able to interchange with the universe so that you can keep to that standard of living.

Really, I am describing a Spartan lifestyle. I am advising that you don’t need a basement full of last years toys, or a garage full of boxes of magazines you will never read again.

But you do need clean quarters, serviceable clothes, good, basic food, and the price of tuition.

Mind you, study the lessons of the Fakir, but use them with restraint. The whole path, and not just the Fakir’s little trail, is much faster and will benefit mankind to a far greater extent.

For those of you who claim that ‘they will have to pry your remote from ¬†your cold, dead fingers,’ here is The Neutronic Viewpoint. It is a history of how I broke through to Neutronics.

Or, you can just continue these small steps to enlightenment. Here is the start of another sequence of essays, this one having to do with Neutronics.

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