3 Neutronic Realities in Visualization

Neutronics Opens The Way

Once you have had that first Neutronic realization – behind every action there is a thought – the door has opened in the martial arts. You can tell that door is open because you have become a seeker, you can’t get that martial monkey off your back, all your friends think you’re a bit of a nut because you can’t stop doing punches and kicks and block and forms and learning everything you can about this martial arts thing.

Now, the next real signpost comes when you achieve Black Belt. Oh, there are a lot of little signposts, but they vary and are tweaky according to art, but Black Belt is a big one.

When somebody achieves Black Belt several things happen.

I cause a fight...or dissolve it. It is all up to me.

One, they become able to make their body go fast enough to catch the idea that started it.

Two, they use the body as one unit; indeed, unless the body moves as one unit they aren’t capable of making it go fast enough to  catch the idea.

Three, another door has opened, a door to mental acuity and fortune telling and seeing what people are thinking before they do it.

And there is four, five and so on for a vast variety of numbers. The door has really opened, you see.

What most people don’t understand is that the door didn’t lead into a house, into a structure, into a confinement of thought and so on. No, it led outside. The structure of the martial arts allowed you the discipline to step into the world outside, where there is no discipline except what you impose, where there is no coherent thought except…your own imagination.

You understand that you are…that you are Awareness, that you are an I Am, that you are  that which moves the universe, actually has thought, and that…the universe moves backwards.

This idea, that the universe moves backwards is a significant tab on this signpost you have reached. It will enable you to restructure your martial art to survive outside the prison of thought that normal man has erected in which to confine himself.

At any rate, your real job has now begun, and your process into the mental visualization techniques of Neutronics can truly begin. No more the inching up the post, a caterpillar wishing to be a butterfly. You have been set free…can you handle it? You have found yourself…do you know what to do now? A whole universe has opened up to you, and your only hope is to shift full gear into neutronics. That is where you reached with your study of karate and kung fu and aikido and whatever, and that is your salvation.

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