1 Discipline as a Method for Making Visualization Work

How to Make Visualization Work

Visualization is the single most important factor in attaining your goals in life…and this visualization starts in the martial arts, and is brought to proper focus with neutronics.

Visualization is the process of creating a mental image (having a thought of what you want), and then using advanced procedures of mental visualization to attain that goal; to get that girl, happiness, perfect job, respect…whatever and anything that you want.

There is light visualization in day to day life. You imagine a sandwich for lunch, you make that happen. Or, you do your homework so you can attain the visualization of an A. Or you work for that dream home. And so on.

But these are very light aspects of visualization.

visualizing yourself picture
It all starts with me controlling myself!

True mental visualization, especially when it is kicked into gear by neutronics, is a powerhouse that will enable you to rule first your life, then the universe.

Now, to be truthful, there are many disciplines that will help you attain your goals, and will introduce you to Visualization. Joining the swimming team is good. Learning ballet is better. A course in Yoga is fantastic. But…the best method for learning and understanding the mental discipline necessary for mastering visualization techniques is learning martial arts. And if you matrix those martial arts you will get where you are going ten times faster.

There are a couple of reasons for this last statement.

One, there is discipline in these fields, and the discipline enables you to control first your body, then your mind. Thus, the point to be understood here is that you don’t need good grades, you need self discipline if you are going to control first yourself, then the world.

Two, the world consists of objects that fly through space. Living is nothing more than learning how to control and handle these flying objects. In the martial arts you have to confront flying objects in a very personal and survival oriented way. The fist, man, is going to hit your face, if you don’t learn to discipline!

So, the martial arts are a superior method for learning how to handle the universe, and that is why they are a superior discipline when it comes to handling the universe through visualization techniques.

Okay, if you haven’t studied the martial arts, then you might just as well bail now. You lack the discipline to make work what I’m going to tell you. Oh, okay, you can stay, but just be aware that after you read what I have written here you’re going to have to sign up for a course in the martial arts. Karate, kung fu, judo, whatever. Doesn’t matter as long as you start the journey to self discipline.

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