1 The Truth About the Universe

The Truth About the Universe

This universe is nothing but a bunch of stuff flying around.
To the degree that stuff collides does life happen.
Want something to happen? Make a collision. It is that simple.
Of course, the question here is how do you control the collisions so that you benefit, and are not harmed, by your collision making.
Want a war? Collide bombs and guns and missiles with countries.
Want a disease? Collide germs and bacteria and stuff with bodies.
Want sex? Collide organs real slow.
Want politics? Let people collide lies with what you know to be true and watch what happens.
Want slavery? Let people collide lies with what you know to be true and agree with it.
Want education? Collide yourself with books, your eyes with concepts, and verify the accuracy or inaccuracy of what you’ve read.
Want drugs? Collide a needle with your arm and poisons with your body.
Want a new car? Go collide with work until money collides with you…then go collide with a new car sales person.
Want a good life? Figure out when to collide…and when to match trajectory.
That is the secret, you know? When do you collide, and when do you go along with?
Choose unwisely and your collisions hurt you.
Choose wisely and life will do what you tell it.
You can be in control of all life.
You can be the God of your dreams.
You can control all life.
You just have to learn how to control the collisions in this universe.

If you want to know the most efficient ways to analyze your collisions, you must study and understand Neutronics.
Think about it–you have never heard the stuff I am telling you here before. Not in school, not on the job, not anywhere.
This is an entirely untapped source of knowledge, and you can use it to control every facet of your life.

You can start your journey into the separate universe of Neutronics with Prologue.

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