2 The Truth About God


Each of us is a cell of awareness. Together, we make up the body of God. All awareness.

Every person is right, as every person is a part of God.

Every religion is right, as every religion provides a viewpoint of God.

I am a Christian/Hindu/Buddhist/Muslim/….

I am all the sects.

I am all the teachings.

It is mine to study all these viewpoints of God, and understand how they fit together so that all are right, all are imbued with their sacred awareness.

I study the martial arts, for that enables me to consecrate the temple of my body.

I study the martial arts because that enables me to analyze the things of the universe that fly at me, and to understand the basic nature of collisions and how to control them.

I study the martial arts so that I may understand my direction in this universe.

I study the martial arts so that I become a whole person, recognizing of other whole persons, and so that I need never use my martial arts.

I study the martial arts so that I may be sound of body, clear of mind, and able to perceive the truth as it unfolds within me.

I study the martial arts that I may embrace the universe, and that it may embrace me

These are my beliefs, and they are the beliefs of any student of Monkeyland.

You are welcome to them.

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