4 The Truth About Life!

The Truth About Life!

Life is the construction and deconstruction of motors.
A motor is two terminals between which there is tension (a push or a pull).
Thus, life can be solved through the adjustment of terminals.

In an atom the two terminals are the proton and the electron.
In a cell the two terminals are two elements. In a human cell these elements are potassium and sodium.
In a body these cells make machines.
A machine is more than two terminals.
A machine can be used like a motor. adjusted by applying force or flow (protonic direction or electronic direction) to any individual terminal within the machine.
A body goes into motor with the planet, and gravity is the tension.
Planets go into motor with other planets and with the sun.
Suns go into motor with galaxies.
Galaxies go into motor with universes.
And so on.

Thus, the universe is a machine.
All particles in the universe are in motor with every other particle, and with a variety of machines.
One can adjust the vast machine of God (everything) through wiggling a toe.
And the vast machine of God can wiggle your toe.
You are all, and you are nothing.
You are all, and all is you.
You are.

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