3 The Truth About Neutronics

The Truth About Neutronics

We, all of us, made this universe in our image.

The smallest particle in this universe, the atom, best represents this image.

The atom is a particle that moves in a wave pattern.

The interchange of proton and electron create the imbalance that creates the wave motion.

The neutron does nothing. It watches. The proton and the electron dance solely for the benefit of the neutron.

Indeed, the proton and the electron were created by the neutron.

In life, we watch, that is our purpose.

When we do, we betray our purpose.

Fulfill or betray: all our motivations come from this fact.

Thus a neutron is nothing, does nothing, is nothing.

This is the truth of ourselves.

We are not the mass of the proton, nor the electrical charge of the electron.

We do not go towards or away, except in betrayal of our purpose.

We cause the universe to occur by being protonic (going towards) or electronic (going away).

We bring harmony to the universe by being neutronic, by aligning the direction of the protonic and the electronic.

We cause the universe by betraying ourselves.

We cause ourselves by betraying the universe.

This is the motor of life.

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Following are a few illustrations concerning Neutronics. coming

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