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Church of Martial Arts Curriculum!

Monkeyland Curriculum Introduced!

The Curriculum of Monkeuland is being presented on this page. Martial Arts Curriculum.

There are seven pages under that page, and there is yet much work to be done.

monkey kung fu
Official Emblem of The Church of Martial Arts

The course of studies to be offered at and through Monkeyland includes seven stages, from Postulant (seeker), to Abbot. This is a logical presentation, based on logic and geometry and tied together by Matrixing, of the following seven steps.

  1. Postulant ~ Matrix Karate
  2. Novice ~ Temple Karate
  3. 3rd Monk ~ Shaolin Kung Fu
  4. 2nd Monk ~ Pa Kua Chang
  5. 1st Monk ~ Tai Chi Chuan
  6. Priest ~ Weapons
  7. Abbot ~ Research and Development

The pages are in the outline stage at present, but future work will include full packages, including Neutronics and other material.

For those of you who have been following Monster Martial Arts over the years, the larger picture is now understandable.

It should be stated that the ‘lite’ courses offered here – lite martial arts courses – will shortly be canceled. They may be included in the packages, for they are valuable, especially to the person who has little martial arts experience, or little martial arts experience in a specific Martial Art.

Also, prices of courses at Monster Martial Arts may be going up in the near future.

All proceeds will go towards supporting The Church of Martial Arts, also called Monkeyland, and I thank you for your donations.

People interested in keeping up with the goings on at Monkeyland should subscribe to this blog, which is now called the Monkeyland Gazette. Subscription box is in the top of the right sidebar at the ChurchofMartialArts.com.