The Curriculum at Monkeyland

The curriculum at Monkeyland has been broken down into seven parts. Before I go into this let me make a couple of points.
If you wish to study Martial Arts without the spiritual/religious aspect, go to
If you study the arts listed here you will be expected to read the appropriate Neutronic Scriptures that go along with each level.

Martial Artist rankPostulant (seeker)

Matrix Karate

Novitiate (Novice)

Temple Karate

3rd Monk


2nd monk

Pa Kua Chang

1st monk

Tai Chi chuan




Other Arts

There will be more on these levels later, and on their own pages. This will include accompanying Neutronic studies, testing, and so on.

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    1. Technically, Matrix Kung Fu comes in after Blinding Steel. But I frequently recommend it to anybody just wanting to add grab arts to their arts, or wanting to study them for themselves. Master instructor comes in first level. Have a great work out! Al

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