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Release of New Neutronics Book!

Neutronic Prison

Many people have asked me for an example of how neutronics works. The answer, on a person level, is in the book, ‘Neutronics.’

On a larger scale, one effecting all of society, the answer is in ‘Neutronic Prison.’

rehabilitate criminals
Criminal law doesn’t work. Neutronics is a better way.

Neutronic prison is about the largest problem our society has…criminals.

We spend immense amounts of money on the incarceration and rehabilitation of criminals. And the money is wasted, as people are not regularly rehabilitated, and they treat the prison like a college to learn new ways to be brutal and violent and break the laws of man.

Neutronic prison offers the only viable option, the best way to reverse this trend and actually create a society without criminals.

Oddly, the book is useful on many levels. The only real monster that man has not been able to slay, you see, is himself, and this book offers a heartfelt example of how simple it would be to control others, and to control the self.

Heck, you could even use it to raise children, and be gauranteed they would not turn to criminal options!

The book is only $10, and it is at the Church of Martial Arts.


Have a great day!

BTW ~ it is not a book on martial arts, it is a book about criminals, what makes them, and how to fix them.