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Monkeyland is Almost Here!

Monkeyland Arrives!

I’ve rewritten this as a blog, and will be taking it off the site as a page. The follow up to this is a few minutes away!

As I write this we are two weeks away from going to Monkeyland.

It is a 120 acre plot below San Luis Obispo.

It is the culmination of several years of intense work.

Frank C., the genius of this transaction, waited, plotted, and scored!

And he happens to like the Martial Arts.

Thus, I am being set free on a mountaintop with the duty to teach as many as will come.

Here is the view looking across the valley (east?) from the back porch.

IMG_0639Cattle graze in the this valley, and we have plans to raise our own uncontaminated, non GMO, natural brand Rib Eyes.

Notice that you are looking down a hill, this may take some terracing so that we can grow some uncontaminated, non GMO, natural brand veggies to side those Rib Eyes.

Here is a picture to the right (south?) of the back porch.

IMG_0681Hilltops. Perfect for temples, dojos, or perhaps a mansion for Frank. Believe me, when you find out what he went through to make this happen, you will fight for the chance to lay the first brick for his digs.

Here is a picture to the left (north?) of the porch.

IMG_0682The water tank on the hill is perfect for a large bamboo surrounded patio for internal arts practice.

Behind the water tank is about a zillion acres of BLM. Bureau of Land Management. Perfect for taking those forty day sojourns into the wilderness. Commune with the mountain lions and bears. Do martial arts where there are NO distractions.

Obviously, there is a lot of planning to do, and a LOT of work. This is a blank canvas upon which can be writ the greatest martial arts temple to ever grace the western world. And YOu are invited!

I’ll be writing a lot more in the coming weeks and months. I have to work on the Monkeyland website, put packages together, see about forums, and all sorts of other stuff. Not to mention building greenhouses and installing windmills and all sorts of other stuff.

But, could there be a more perfect environment to create your martial arts?

So, stay tuned, and subscribe to the monster newsletter, and I’ll keep you updated.

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Have a great workout! Al

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