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Scriptures for the Neutronic Monk

A monk studies scriptures. He uses these scriptures to educate himself as the right way to act so that he might find the truth of himself, so that he might find the Spark of Divine within.

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The Spark of Divine is Awareness of All.

We are but viewpoints, pieces of Awareness that make up the All Awareness that permeates this universe, that this universe is made up. The scriptures are intended to reveal this.

There are, unfortunately, several problems with this. The main problem is that the scriptures pursued in this life, though originally divinely inspired, have been rehashed by the hand of man.

The King James Version of the Bible is a compilation of letters, notes, legends, and so on. And those writings are often oral traditions put in print. Honestly, some of these things have been floating around for thousands of years, you can seem them in other cultures and scriptures from religions totally  and apparently unrelated to the Bible.

And I am not picking on the Bible, the same holds true for ALL scriptures.

This does not mean that one shouldn’t use the Bible (or other scriptures). Indeed, one should consider all the versions, all the translations and variations, and come to a considered opinion based upon one’s own experience of The Divine.

And one should compare and contrast between the scriptures of all religions.

And, when one considers this problem of scriptures in relation to the Four Paths to Enlightenment, it becomes even more interesting. There are Christian, Hindu, Islamic, Buddhist, and so on scriptures. These scriptures have been used by Monks, Yogis, Fakirs, but not always, and maybe not even often, by the warrior.

I find it interesting that the fastest method to enlightenment has the least number of scriptures.

Well, perhaps it needs the least explanation…for when the fist flies towards your face, when that object threatens to collide with your handsomeness, the calculations come fast and furious, and the parallels between survival and the seeking of the human soul become awfully obvious.

That all said, the Warrior of Neutronics is a Monk, and the Neutronics text books are his scripture, and this is a blending of the four paths.

Read all the scriptures you can, but use Neutronics to bring them together, to delve into their meaning, and the meaning of the Human Soul.

Not a meandering path towards enlightenment, but a sure and fast route. A Way that takes him to peace as fast as he can lift his sword…or, as fast as he can read Neutronics.

The book recommended here is Neutronics. This is the Core Text of Neutronics. While all the works on Neutronics make up the Bible of Neutronics, this is the pivotal piece; this explains the theory and how it works.

Click here for Neutronics.

Or, take another step on The Path to Spiritual Illumination.


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