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A Martial Artist is a Warrior

But a warrior for what?

Most people think that the martial arts are about fighting. Learn a system of Kung Fu or Karate, beat up the bad guys, learn self defense. Real martial arts aren’t about that at all.

In real martial arts you face opponents, learning how to fight, until you come face to face with your real opponent, and learn how not to fight.

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You may have heard it said, ‘To know yourself is to know your enemy.’

So you must learn to face yourself. Yourself is responsible for the real problems of your life. The universe is but a mirror for your intentions; it is a reflection of what is in your mind.

Learn what is in your mind…learn how your mind works, and the universe becomes easy to handle, and life becomes a joy.

While Prologue will introduce you to yourself and how you think, you really need martial arts to go all the way.

Martial Arts are a discipline. More, they are a discipline of the soul. You learn to handle the paths of objects that are aimed to collide with you…and in this you learn to handle the paths of thought in your mind. You learn to adjust the mirror of the universe, until you make the big breakthrough: the universe is backwards, and you must learn how not to think, but to ‘unthink,’ to make the universe truly responsive to your wishes.

Yet these words I say, even if they have impact upon you, are but hollow without true discipline. Martial Arts, being the only discipline that handles the flow of objects in the universe (and therefore the mind) is the true discipline.

Think, there is no reason for you; there is no substantiation to the fact that you are. You are born…and you don’t know why or for what. Existence has no point. And what is the solution? To have discipline until you have the strength of soul to launch yourself. Simply, you must build structure until you can go hunting for the truth of yourself. This structure must be founded in the ability to handle the motion of objects of the universe…and of the mind.

When I began matrixing I often didn’t know where I was going. I was just putting order to the chaos, trying to explain the universe, trying to figure out where I was and what I was doing.

I needed to understand.

When I was done with matrixing the martial arts proper, I knew that I needed to write a master book, a guidebook for my work, and this would be Matrixing: The Master Text.

In this book I go into matrixing in depth. I list the various matrixes I created for the various martial arts, and how they all fit together.

This is all original research; never been done before; you won’t see it anywhere else.

Now, you need the martial arts if you are going to fight through to the truth of yourself. And, you need them now. Not in ten years or a couple of decades. You need Matrixing.

Matrixing applies logic to the martial arts, makes the path quicker and more efficient. So instead of taking ten years, it might take only a year or two.

And, Matrixing: The Master Text, is the complete overview. It is ALL the Marixing data.

Mind you, I still recommend the Martial Arts courses available on Monster Martial Arts. There are thousands of pages and dozens of hours of video–total and complete martial arts–which will show you how to apply matrixing.

But Matrixing: The Master Text, is the ‘bible’ of Matrixing (and therefore the Martial Arts), and it is elevated in its purity to this site.

No matter where the martial arts go, no matter how they develop, this is the springboard. This is…The Way.

Here is the link to Matrixing: The Master Text.

Or, you can take another step towards learning The Truth About Yourself.


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