New Data About Beginning Levels at the Church of Martial Arts

New Info for Seekers at the Church of Martial Arts

I put some stuff up on the site today, about the first and second levels, Postulant (seeker), and novitiate (novice). You can find it in the listings under curriculum.

I will probably split the novitiate level into two sections in the future. One dealing with Temple, and the other dealing with Pan Gai noon. These two arts are really the heart of Karate.

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Temple deals with long and low and quick and fast, pan gai noon deals with grounding and building power and holding your ground.

The well rounded martial artist will be able to do both, run and ground.

So there will be complete checklists for each level, and everything is really coming together.

i did want to say something about the requirements for coming to Monkeyland.

Technically, anybody can come. Uh, once they get past me.

So you want to come to Monkeyland, you write me an email. You tell me of your experiences, and why you want to come to Monkeyland, and what you expect to get out of the place.

But, you can bet that if you learn matrixing, as listed on the site, and then do Temple Karate, those are going to be your first and best bets. Then, once you are firmly grounded and understand things, we can open up a bit.

Now, price.
I’ve dodged this for a bit, thought about it a lot.

For starters, probably a thousand a month. That should cover food, and the price of instruction is priceless, so you are getting a deal.

BUT, I need to get people up there, get some wins on the net, and look for full time monks to come live and play there. So the first few people are going to be paying half price.

They pay for their food, and they can help with the construction, to pay for their lessons.

Their will come a time when we can offer lodgings and charge a pretty penny.

But right now I am more interested in calling the faithful. Finding the people who like to work, who have the kind of mind that charges forward and learns whatever they need to learn as they go.

People who can go elsewhere and open their own schools, maybe even their own temples.

Later on I will have a list of donations, for people who just want to vacation, people who just ant a weekend in paradise, and more complete data on people who want to come up and live the life.

So, think about it.

It’s a chance to really do something with your life. To experience life as they did back when they were building the Shaolin Temple…but with a lot of pluses, from technology to matrixing to …to lots of other things.

And, let’s face it, five hundred bucks is dirty cheap. If you’ve got a couple of thousand saved up,

You could come live for a few months, learn everything I can teach you, and your life will be totally and utterly changed…and changed for the better.

Okay, I could talk for hours, but I won’t. You guys and gals have some input, use the comments below. I’d rather use that because the question you ask, or the comment you make, might be exactly what somebody else was wondering.

So, more later, have  great work out!


Here’s the link to the Postulant section.

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